120 Protesters Show Up To Block Freeway In Missouri, DOES NOT End Well

Protests have been raging in St. Louis since Sept 15th when former officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the shooting death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith following a high-speed chase, but it hasn’t been going quite how the protesters would have predicted. Blocking an interstate was probably not the brightest idea of these protesters, but that is exactly what they did, and it landed over 120 of them in the slammer right off the bat.

Drivers were warned of the road blockage at about 7:40 p.m. and the road was cleared by around 8 p.m. That is some serious clean-up time for those Officers.

Conservative Fighters reported back in October of the mass arrests and since then more have been added to that number.


Police managed to get the group off the road, ordering them to the ground and systematically handcuffed them and put them in the back of police transport vans for a quick trip to jail.

One of the protesters was State Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr., who was shocked that he got arrested for blocking a public right-of-way.


This was the second mass arrest since the acquittal of former officer James Stockley in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Clark. He was found not guilty on Sept. 15.

On Sept. 17, 130 protesters were arrested in what they called a “kittling” operation – an action that prompted complaints and misconduct lawsuits from the ACLU and others.

Steven Hoffman, a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild who was there to monitor police behavior, said police didn’t use chemical agents while making arrests, according to the Post-Dispatch. The detail is crucial as the ACLU’s earlier lawsuit centers on police misusing chemicals like pepper spray during the previous mass arrest.

No retaliatory lawsuits have yet been filed in the wake of Tuesday night’s arrests.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the scene:
Protesters were nearing Market Street when they were met by a police line and they moved onto the sidewalk.

The protesters chanted: “We don’t see a riot here. Why are you in riot gear?” and “Touch one, touch all.”

Police ordered protesters to the ground, then began systematically handcuffing them and packing them into about a dozen police vans.

After the sweep, police did not release any information on the number arrested or the charges, but St. Louis Alderman John Collins-Muhammad said 126 people were taken into custody.

Police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said Wednesday morning that police made 143 arrests of people for blocking traffic. Police were still compiling names, addresses and charges, which were expected to be released later.
Outside, a few dozen protesters whose friends were among the arrested spent the night on the front lawn and sidewalk of the Justice Center. They set up eight tents. Some had gone on a snack run before sunup. They said they were waiting to help bail friends out, once charges are filed.

You can expect howls of protest from leftists who will most certainly complain about their mistreatment, but what do people who block an entire freeway expect? What do you think? What is to be done with scores of leftist protesters who refuse to disperse an illegal protest?

Having the police arrest, handcuff them and haul them off to jail en masse is probably better than running them over.

The Chicago Tribune reported that over 300 protesters have been arrested since they started their protest of the Sept. 15 acquittal of former officer Jason Stockley in the shooting death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith following a high-speed chase.

Fox News reports that City Alderwoman Megan Green filed a proposal after the arrests that would limit the way police respond to protests. Police have drawn criticism for using chemical agents and dispersing crowds.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, which helped draft the proposal, said it limits when officers can use tear gas and pepper spray as a tactic to get people to leave a demonstration.

More recently, it appears as though protesters on all fronts have maybe started to realize that their efforts are clearly in vain as the amount of protests from anyone seem to be on the decline. Let’s hope that Americans can get back to actually fixing real issues and these nonsense protests over things that aren’t actually necessary are finally coming to an end.

H/T [ Conservative Fighters , Chicago Tribune , Fox News ]




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