3 Countries Just Formed an Alliance Against President Trump

President Trump has not held back with his condemnation of North Korea and their proliferation of nuclear weapons, along with their multiple violations of human rights. Via Twitter, President Trump attacks the rogue nation, sometimes with an infantile tone, which draws sharp criticism from liberals, and violent threats from North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong-Un has referred to President Trump as a madman, barking dog, and dotard. These are interesting insults considering it is the North Korean regime that continually and systematically brutalizes its people.

President Trump has also been very critical of Cuba, a communist nation that has been subjecting its people to communist rule for decades, and a nation, which once enjoyed kid gloves treatment with the Obama administration. However, President Trump has made it clear he does not intend to do Cuba any favors and will likely step up sanctions against Raul Castro and his communist regime.

As a result of President Trump’s foreign policy toward Cuba and North Korea, the two nations have seemingly formed an alliance. According to The Independent, diplomats from North Korea and Havana have been meeting in Cuba to discuss strategy as well as a plan for future collaboration against the Trump administration and the United States. “Cuba’s foreign minister and his North Korean counterpart have rejected the United States’ “unilateral and arbitrary” demands while expressing concern about escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, the ministry said.”

Cuba and North Korea have maintained diplomatic relations since 1960. Their recent meetings should be no surprise as both nations continue to be ostracized and isolated in the international community. Allied nations with the United States understand the great threat which North Korea poses to the world, and it would seem the United States is headed for another “missile crisis” similar to what took place between the administration of JFK and the Soviet Union.

The statement released by the Cuban Foreign Ministry had the nerve to call for “respect for people’s sovereignty,” yet both these nations brutalize their people with political arrest, forced work camps, and executions of their political opponents and dissidents is common place. North Korea seemingly has no interest in slowing down their nuclear weapons program, and Kim Jong-Un has made repeated statements about his desire to launch a nuclear attack against the United States.

Just like JFK did with the Cuban missile crisis, President Trump has made it clear he will not tolerate North Korea shipping nuclear weapons to the communist island, and has stated clearly all options, including a military strike, are on the table. Complicating matters, it seems that Russia is somewhat taking the side of Cuba and North Korea. As reported by Alan Ewart from Inquisitr, “To add to President Trump’s woes over North Korea, Russia has also stepped into the fray. As reported by the Daily Mail, the Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned President Trump for adding North Korea to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Russia describes Trump’s move as “another scaremongering act and PR move” that could lead to catastrophe on “a global scale.”

President Trump has not made any public comments on the alliance, which seems to have been formed between North Korea and Cuba and the fact that Russia seems to be taking the side of America’s enemies. However, President Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have stated they are fully prepared for a military conflict should the situation arise.

Liberals would have us believe that this situation is all the doing of President Trump and his antics on social media. However, the fact is that President Bill Clinton is responsible for the nuclear capability which North Korea has today, and over the course of 8 years with President Obama, North Korea continued to get away with murder without consequence. Now that we have an American President who will not allow communist nations to threaten the United States and violate international law, somehow in the liberal mind, President Trump is the cause of all this, and he is the bad guy.

Is nuclear war with North Korea a possibility? It sure is. And with the metastasizing of ANTIFA, North Korea and their allies now have a homegrown cell in the USA to carry out their communist agenda. The FBI and CIA would be smart to kill this snake now rather than wait until later. Just like in the 1960’s, violent communists still pose a threat to the United States.

H/T [Inquisitr.com, The Independent]


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