3 Nurses Carry Out Horrifying Act On 89-year-old WW II Veteran, Now He’s Dead

Being a nurse is an exhausting job, but those who choose to enter the field often have big hearts. After all, you would have to be compassionate to do a job that requires an incredible amount of human care and interaction. There is also the genuine possibility that some of the patients that get treated will die. It is not an easy job to perform.

While the majority of nurses are caring, there are some who have a much different attitude. Footage of a horrifying act in a nursing home was recently released revealing the utterly disgusting thing a group of nurses did to a dying World War II veteran who was screaming in agony from the confines of his nursing home bed.

The incident took place at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014, but only recently has the hidden camera footage been released to the public by the family of the patient as part of a lawsuit.

Here is more from MPolitical:

Eighty-nine-year-old highly-decorated WW II veteran James Dempsey served his country honorably, and probably never fathomed that the worst experience of his life would come at the very end of his years at the hands of a nasty staff of callous nurses. After suddenly being unable to breathe, he pushed the call button in his room six times, frantically telling the staff over the intercom that he needed immediate help.

“Help me! Help me!” the man’s feeble voice can be heard in the video below as he gasps for air and waits for the staff to come assist him. Dempsey had pushed the call light in his room at 4:34 am, but it would take a startling 10 minutes for the nurses to get off their butts and make their way down the hall to tend to his life-threatening emergency. The nurse supervisor, Wanda Nuckles, finally made her way to Dempsey’s room after being notified by another nurse after the man was unresponsive.

Nuckles was questioned about the incident during the deposition by the family’s attorney, Mike Prieto, and throughout her testimony, she was caught lying her ass off about what really happened. Initially, she claimed that she began giving the elderly veteran CPR until the paramedics arrived, but the hidden camera told a far different tale. Not only did Nuckles stop giving assisting the man after six chest compressions, going against the policy that compressions should continue until EMT’s arrived, but then Nuckles did the unthinkable. As Dempsey’s life began slipping away, she and the other two black nurses began laughing….because something about an 89-year-old white veteran gasping for air and dying is apparently hysterically funny.

Here’s footage of the absolute horror via investigator Steven Haffley:

During questioning, Nuckles just passed off the entire incident as an “honest mistake” after being caught red-handed in a lie after being confronted with the video footage.“I was just basing everything on what I normally do.”Doing what you “normally do?” Is laughing while World War II veterans die what you “normally do,” Wanda Nuckles?“Not only did she lie about the chest compressions, the staff did not call 911 until an hour later. When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during attempts to fix the issue, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing,” Popular Military reported.

The Dempsey’s family have reached a settlement agreement with Sava Senior Care. The nursing home has fired ten nurses who were involved in the incident after they became aware of the situation. Incredibly, this isn’t the first time that Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation has abused patients, as they continue to have a history of abuse after Dempsey’s death due to health and safety violations. They were given a 1-star rating from Medicare, and have been hit with $813,113 in fines since 2015.

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