Al Sharpton LOSES IT After Trump ‘Kicks His Butt’ In Oval Office

Al Sharpton has made a career out of race-baiting. The “Reverend” hasn’t been in the news much in recent years after he was shown the door at MSNBC for being riddled with scandals. With the President’s recent alleged “shitholes” comments, Sharpton saw his opportunity to strike. Sharpton has known Donald Trump is not a racist, but that doesn’t matter to Al.

Liberals know that the President is winning, and they are panicking. Democrats are pulling out all the stops to get Trump kicked out of office and have proven time and time again that they have no problem with spreading lies to achieve that goal. All across the country liberals heads are exploding which are leading to monumental mental breakdowns including the latest outburst by the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Sharpton makes his money by stirring racial tensions and has done very well for years. But now that Trump is in office, guys like Sharpton are having trouble pushing the false narrative that there is rampant racism spreading across America. It is getting harder for them to push their lies about police targeting black Americans.

Thankfully, a recent bombshell report reveals some incredible information that will bring Al Sharpton’s false narrative that blacks hate Donald Trump down for good.

According to Breitbart:

Two new polls show President Donald Trump’s rising support among black voters, highlighting his political gains from pushing employers to hire Americans instead of lower-wage migrants.

The growing support from blacks — despite furious Democratic claims of racism — could become a shocking political validation in November when Trump will face millions of upper-income Democratic voters who are angry at his “Buy American, Hire American” policies.

Among black men, Trump’s “2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share,” admitted a January 11 article in the Atlantic by author Ronald Brownstein. “23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance versus 11 percent of black women,” said the article.

That score averages out to 17 percent, or twice the 8 percent score he was given in the 2016 exit polls.

In November 2016, Trump got 13 percent support among black men and 4 percent support among black women, according to the exit polls. That very low support was critical to his victory in the Democrats’ now-demolished “Blue Wall” states.

The poll was “a cumulative analysis of 605,172 interviews SurveyMonkey conducted with Americans in 2017,” according to the Atlantic.

The liberal media and Democrats are flat-out denying that these polls are accurate because they know what would happen if word got out that Trump is doing a good job. That’s where Sharpton comes in. It is now his job to rally the troops and spread more lies to keep the President from succeeding. Suddenly, Sharpton shows up on MLK day at Reagan International Airport and TMZ is there to greet him.

TMZ reported:

Rev. Al Sharpton says President Trump is doing a horrible job of hiding who he really is … a straight-up racist.

We got the Rev. at Reagan National Airport, and asked if he thought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have had a sit-down with 45, given Trump’s controversial track record on racial issues during his presidency.

Sharpton insists Trump’s big on using photo ops to make it APPEAR like he’s interested in the African-American community, and he’s certain MLK would have seen right through that.

The report explains that Sharpton went on to say, “He [Trump] doesn’t need to wear a white hood to know he’s KKK.” That’s rich coming from the number one race-baiter in America today. It looks like the Rev. Al is really scared of Trump, and he should be.

The truth is, Donald Trump is doing an excellent job, and thanks to him, the stock market is booming, jobs are being brought back, and minorities are finally being given a chance on even playing ground. That’s why there are so many lies being spread about Trump. They know he is doing well, and that’s the reason Dick Durban accused Trump of calling Haiti a “shithole” country.

Trump is winning, and the Democrats know their time is limited. They have to smear the President otherwise they will continue to lose seats in the House and the Senate. People are getting behind MAGA, and if this keeps up, who knows where we will be by the end of Trump’s time as President.

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H/T TMZ, Breitbart




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