ALERT: America’s Number 1 Enemy Claim To Have Missiles That Can Hit ‘ALL US BASES’

While everyone focuses on North Korea an extremely dangerous enemy has been forgotten about and that was not something that ever should have happened. Western Journalism has reported that a top Iranian commander stated on Tuesday that Iran has absolutely no need to increase the range of its missiles because all American forces within the region are already capable of being reached.

Iran’s missiles can reportedly “cover all U.S. bases in the region,” according to Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Jafari reported that on the scale of a military issue, the range limit simply does not matter.
“Our missiles’ range is 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles), and that can be increased, but we believe this range is enough for the Islamic Republic as most of the U.S. forces and most of their interests in the region are within this range,” Jafari said, as reported by The New York Times.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that although Jafari claims it is unnecessary to increase their missile range, but Iran is quite capable of doing so if needed.

“Based on the policies specified by the Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei), the range of our missiles is limited to 2,000km, but we have the capability to increase the range,” Jafari stated. “At present it (this distance) is sufficient because the Americans are in a 2,000 km radius from our country and their attacks will be responded.”

Jafari is accusing the U.S. of attempting to “destabilize” Iran’s entire economy by imposing sanctions on their missile program.

“Americans are trying to impose new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards for its missile programme, but that is an excuse to harm Iran’s economy,” Jafari said.
He also threatened that Iran has more than enough firepower to prevent the U.S. from being any kind of threat.
” … we are able to respond to any possible desperate attack by them,” he said, while adding that America would not dare attack Iran.

“They know that if they begin a war between Iran and the United States, they will definitely be the main losers and their victory will by no means be guaranteed,” he stated, according to ABC News. “Therefore, they won’t start a war.”

President Trump has said Iran’s missile program is one of the reasons that he refused to certify that Iran was in compliance with the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement.
CNN reported that the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, stated on Sunday that Iran fully views its missile program as in compliance, and that they will not stop it.

“Understand that we have been building missiles, and will continue to do so and this does not contradict any of international laws and it is not in conflict with Resolution 2231,” Rouhani stated.

Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said that Iran’s egotistical and dangerous behavior is the opposite of what the former President Barack Obama said would be accomplished by the Iran nuclear deal the he so passionately advocated for.

“While we were told by Obama administration officials that the nuclear deal would lead to improved Iranian behavior, Iran’s behavior since reaping the massive amount of front-loaded financial benefits has only seemed to get worse,” DeSantis said.

“Recent threats about missile attacks demonstrate the need for Congress to proceed with additional secondary sanctions,” DeSantis said. “The present course is untenable and Iran’s threatening behavior is likely to increase in frequency.”

One commentator said Iran is making a political statement by saying it will not exceed 2,000 kilometers, according to The Washington Post. By making this claim, Iran can then attempt to contrast itself with North Korea, which has refused to put any limits on the range of its missiles, regardless of what anyone says.

“It is a political decision,” states Michael Elleman, who is the senior fellow for missile defense at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Washington. “I think with the supreme leader saying it, it takes on a little more significance.”

It is highly dangerous and negligent to ignore the veiled threats coming from Iran, and we should definitely be holding court on how to prevent any strikes coming from them as well as North Korea. The limits mean nothing to these countries, and they make their distain for US involvement quite clear.

The President should be looking into a prevention tactic for any possible attack against American areas in or around Iran.

H/T [ Western Journalism ]


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