After Allegedly Surviving Assassination Attempt By Hillary Clinton, Man Sets Out On Mission To Destroy Her Life

When it comes to people that have faced Hillary Clinton and live to tell about it the numbers are few. Most people that come out with any information on any one of the numerous crimes that are attached to the Clintons seem to die off in the most questionable ways and never make it give their statements.

One man was almost that exact type of witness, but thankfully he was aware that his life was in danger and took precautions to stay alive hopefully long enough to accomplish his goal. Which he states is to do what he can to expose what he has on Hillary Clinton.

According to the American Journal Review :

FBI informant, William Campbell, with dirt on the Clinton’s has gone into hiding after an attempt was made on his life.

William Campbell has been an FBI informant for the past five years, tasked with the assignment of gathering any and all intel relating to the Russian governments attempts to gain atomic energy from the US. When news first broke that the Clinton Foundation was involved in Russian bribery during the sale of American uranium to a Russian company known as Uranium One, it was done so under anonymity from the source which lead to the liberal defense that an anonymous source has no value. Well that source is no longer anonymous as William Campbell has confessed to being the FBI informant who originally declared anonymity and his testimony was due to be delivered in front of Congress today but in true Clinton fashion another witness to their criminal activity has been forced into hiding after being ambushed by an armed assailant while hiking in the wooded area near his residence.

It was reported by that a Russian insider named William Campbell was due to testify in front of a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton took bribes during the uranium scandal. Campbell has now gone into hiding after telling close friends that he had already survived one attempt on his life. It has been warned by legal analysts that Campbell’s testimony on the Clintons could potentially put Hillary Clinton in jail for “twelve plus years.” Campbell has grown more and more concerned that he will not make it to the hearing at all.

The Russian insider warned that he “already survived one attempt” on his life “since it was made public by the Sessions DOJ that I intend to testify.” Campbell has claimed that if he hadn’t been carrying his own firearm, he would have been killed during a hike in the hills behind his home. He stated that he was approached by an armed man in the woods. He went on to explain that he drew his own weapon and held it where the man could see it until he disappeared out of sight.

Campbell explained, “I was prepared for any eventuality.” He stated “the stakes are very high, I understand that. Was this man connected to anybody I plan to testify against on Monday? I have no proof. But I can’t take risks, which is why I have gone into hiding until Monday.”

Thanks, once again, to Session’s inability to understand how announcing the name of a witness that should be kept anonymous to the public, Campbell could have been “suicided” as so many before him have been by the Clinton mob.

Taking bribes and illegally moving our Uranium is on the bottom of the crime ladder that Hillary has been climbing for years, but she seems to be willing to take someone out for nothing more than knowing that she has a cold, so Cambell is extrememly smart in going into hiding and protecting himself while at the same time standing firm that he will testify no matter what.

I pray he makes it to the location to give his statement before his breaks decided to “cut themselves,” or some other horrible “accident” befalls him. Twelve years in jail for Hillary is a start towards the necessary punishment for the heinous crimes that she has committed over the years.

She belongs in jail for much longer, but anything at this point would be an absolute blessing for the American people.

H/T [ American Journal Review]


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