Assassination Plot On Trump Revealed, Expert Claims People Behind It Will Start Civil War

Alex Jones was on a roll Friday and while his delivery may be a bit rough the facts of what he reported are very much a scary reality. The Liberal left has plotted and schemed since even before Trump was elected in case they had to find a way to remove him as the President. They have planned faulty and ignorant impeachment attempts as well as numerous assassination plans for almost 2 years now, and they seem to only get more insane by the day.

Not one of their bogus removal tactics have succeeded so far, because they don’t actually have anything to legally hold againt the President. Now, however they are trying to use the unsealed indictment against Michael Flynn in another attempt to remove Trump and ultimately start a civil war. That is in and of itself the ultimate goal for these people. Globalist elites need for citizens to come to such a class that they can then step in and claim they have to take over to reclaim order.

Civil war is NOT something they want in this country on any scope of reality, because if that were to happen we would never simply “turn control over” to those elites that plan to use it against us and place the American people into a communistic dictatorship.

According to Info Wars :

Alex Jones has warned the criminal indictment unsealed against former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is part of the globalist plot to potentially kill President Trump and start a civil war.

“If we allow the evil people that hijack this country, the globalists, to remove Trump with all this fraud, and if we buy into the hype … if they’re able to do that, it will cause a massive civil war in this country. Economic, physical, there’ll be all sorts of permutations of it, and it will absolutely have this country descend into a nightmare,” Jones told listeners on Friday.

“I don’t think they’re going to be able to remove Trump with all of this made-up Russia stuff, but they’re clearly going to go to their next plan to kill him, and they’ve been warming that up. And I don’t even like the different scenarios that are there of what we’re going to have to do to counter-strike against this,” he said moments later.

“I’m going to tell every one of you globalists and your minions: You’re going to be held accountable, and if you don’t have the fear of God, you better have the fear of man. Or you better start reading some history books, because let me tell you something right now: You kill our elected Julius Caesar when he’s delivered victory after victory like it’s messianic in just 11 months; you kill, or you remove this president illegally with all your crap with your dying media propping it up in the face of all of the evidence because you’ve got some unconstitutional, mad dog, rogue government snake out of the swamp, your swamp team; you pull that, you’ve signed your own warrant. Know that.”

Let it be known here in front of God, country, and the world that you are on a collision course with destruction. There’s no way you win this. There’s no way,” Jones added.

I am not a huge fan of Jones, and again his delivery is often quite “character enhanced,” but I do agree with the basis on which he reported this story. The Liberal left and the democrats will use anything to start a war that they cannot win either politically or on the ground. They are aware of who will step in to try and stop it, and they are actually WANTING that outcome.

The worst ignorance is to think that anyone who would plan to achieve a “one world government” would ever hand power and control over to them in the instance of a civil war in America. We are the last remaining truly free nation on the planet and there is a very good reason that we absolutely must remain as free as humanly possible.

We need to stand and stand firm to preserve Trump’s place in the White House and to remove any and all who threaten our freedom from their political platforms.

H/T [ Info Wars ]


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