Berkeley Republican Students Hold Vigil For Kate Steinle, Horrified At What Nasty Liberal  Students Do After Showing Up

As if the horrific murder of Kate Steinle and the subsequent “not guilty” verdict for her murderer aren’t bad enough, now liberals refuse to allow anyone from the Republican side to hold vigils in her honor without showing up and showing out. A small Republican group of students at Berkley College gathered to hold a vigil for Kate and to protest illegal immigrants being held in a higher regard than citizens, and as usual the typical liberal counter-protesters were there to try and fire emotions up.

The counter-protesters attempted to incite the vigil attendees by screaming ridiculous saying during the speach given by Naweed Tahmas, external vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans. The left claims that the vigil was only being held to “advance a racist agenda,” ironically however many of those there for the vigil were not white.

After the vigil and protest ended it appears as if the small memorial left on the steps of Sproul Hall was littered with trash amd the memorial photo was later found rolled up and stuffed in a recycle bin, but a message was left by the poster not being placed in the “paper” section but rather in the “landfill” space.

According to Independent Journal Review :

A University of California, Berkeley College Republicans’ vigil for Kate Steinle, whose 2015 death ignited a fierce debate over immigration law and sanctuary cities, faced counter-protesters who are said to have accused the group of using her death to advance a racist agenda.

The Thursday vigil was held at Sproul Hall on a campus that has been a hotbed of political activity since Donald Trump’s election as president.

“The burden of tragedy no longer solely rests on the shoulders of her family, but on the shoulders every American,” Naweed Tahmas, external vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans, said during the event, according to The College Fix.

However, when illegal immigration policies kill Americans, we are told that we must remain silent. The media lectures us on how we are politicizing a death,” Tahmas continued. “The media and our politicians want to erase Kate’s name and story from history. It’s on us to speak the name of America’s lost daughter: Kate Steinle.”

Tahmas said that during the vigil, protesters arrived on scene and became loud.
They were shouting during my remarks, and throughout the vigil,” he said. “I couldn’t make out everything they were shouting, but it’s usually: ‘In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist regime.’”

Following the vigil, a poster of Steinle was left overnight. The following morning, however, it was found torn up and thrown in the trash, according to pictures on the group’s Facebook page.

This is typical at UC Berkeley,” the university’s College Republicans wrote, “where honoring the legacy of someone who was killed by a 7-time felon and 5-time deportee is offensive.”

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican immigrant who had been deported five times and was living in the U.S. illegally at the time of Steinle’s death, was acquitted of murder earlier this month.

While it is acceptable for BLM to protest and riot when a young black person is shot by police, either justly or not, the same is clearly not afforded for anyone who feels that the murder of a United States citizen by a multi-time deported illegal immigrant. Things in America are surely twisted when people would rather defend illegals who harm our fellow countrymen in the name of “social justice.”

When did it become acceptable to say that the murder of an innocent is alright because the killer was illegal? And how is standing up for justice against it found to be in any way racist? It could have been an illegal Irishman and Republicans and Conservatives would still be just as outraged that the killer walked after having admitting to it, lied numerous times, and was a 6 time felon on top of being deported numerous times already!

Liberalism is truly a mental illness, and it is spreading rapidly especially among the college- aged group. To think that these kids are supposed to lead this country some day is terrifying.

Prayers for the Steinle family. #justiceforkate

H/T [ Independent Journal Review , The College Fix ]


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