The Best Banned Commercials Too Hot For TV

We often see a commercial one time and then realize a long time later that it was never seen again. As if there is some black hole that commercials that are too racy or too inappropriate are sucked into after the very first airing like an endless pit of public television rejects of some sort. It can be a bit frustrating when you are trying like crazy to tell a friend about this hilarious commercial you just saw and yet you can not for the life of you pull it up anywhere.

Some get the ax for being too sexy; some get chopped for being too idiotic, and then others never seem to have a really good reason for their banning, but commercials have the worst percentage of shelf life it seems. We have taken the liberty to find a few clips of just those type of videos, and we have highlighted them here for you to take a gander at and make up your own mind whether they deserved to be sent off to the commercial wasteland of banned content.

This first one is a real BBQ gem, and really who doesn’t like BBQ?

Via LGBT :

Here are a few of the best-banned commercials in recent months. Political correctness and revulsion against patriarchy are responsible for keeping these commercials off the air. But don’t worry folks you can see them right here:

What do you think about this banned commercial? Did it really warrant being taken off the air?

Such a shame that the politically correct crowd do not fully embrace the LGBT: Liquor Guns Bacon and Tits Lifestyle.

It seems that Carl’s and Hardees are getting hammered in the banned commercial category for their more risqué type advertisements, but truly what says “American burgers” like sexy women and spilled sauces? People can be so touchy!

Via Funny Trends on YouTube :

These last two clips were a hodge-podge of different product ads that got caught up in the “inappropriate” basket of the commercial waste bin, but some of them aren’t really that bad, so their fate is still being investigated for reasoning. Hardee’s is peppered throughout these as well and again it seems they are taking a pretty hard hit with commercials that no one will allow them to air.

Come on people! Hardees is at least trying like hell to bring out the correlation between BBQ, hot women, jalapenos, and all American hunger. Quit giving them such a hard time!

Dorito’s is running a hard second though with the number of commercials they have had banned just this year alone and it often makes one wonder, how did chips become so hated? Oh wait, maybe it was the sexual innuendoes and half-naked women that got those ones banned too! Well, I guess there is a pattern here.

Sex sells, but too much sexy gets you banned and chopped. Hmm, in this day and age it is amazing that anything gets banned on that principle with how very open and sexualized society is pushing to become. You would think they would give these poor ads a little leeway under the circumstances. I mean, just look around.

Entertainers, artists, actors, and singers all maximize on the sex appeal factor. So why can’t chips and burgers? It is an unfair travesty for the food industry that these gems of commercials have been banned. Think about all of the sales that would have been made had these specific ads been promoted to their full potential!

Kind of makes you wonder if there is a conspiracy to end food industry’s #1 most marketed products! This banning is Un-American and I protest! Bring on the BBQ burgers and chips people, and leave the hungry and scantily clad women alone. They just want some love..sheesh.

As for the other brands covered in these clips, well they deserve freedom too! Equality across the board for raunchy commercials! Ikea and Naked Brand condoms need to be seen as well, and seriously we all need to be aware of Ikea’s urge to end the busted spring epidemic!

That being said, don’t judge these commercials too harshly. They are just doing what they are meant to do which is sell products. Let’s face it, sex sells right?

Wait, maybe that isn’t the best philosophy, but you get what I am saying!

H/T [ LGBT , Funny Trends ]


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