Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black Students Hang Disgusting Item Outside Public School To ‘Make White Students Pay’

In a world as upside down as the one we currently find ourselves living in nothing should surprise us anymore. Yet, every now and then something drops onto the scene that floors us in a way that leaves many lacking for proper words to describe the very confusing way we feel deep inside. This latest Black Lives Matter move is one of those things. Not because BLM is still on the scene when it seemed as if they were almost dried up, but because of the extremely astonishing facts behind it.

A high school in Vermont recently decided that the push by black students to recognize and stop what they are calling “white privilege and implicit bias” was worthy of addressing in a way that will have your heads spinning. Through the month of February, which America has long acknowledged as “Black History Month,” the Montpelier High School will be flying none other than a Black Lives Matter flag. Yes, you read that correctly.

In an ironic twist, Veteran AF did a little bit of digging into the demographics of Montpelier, Vermont to see if the level of races could actually argue a “white privilege” bend. What was found is clear proof that liberal America will pander to anyone who is anything other than white, Christian, or conservative.

The last survey was done some time ago, but judging by these numbers, it is a safe bet that things haven’t changed drastically in the tiny town of Montpelier.

SO, what is the majority of population by race?


Well that is unexpected. Let’s now look at the specific demographics of the High School shall we? This has not been updated since 2004 , but again it is probably very close to the same now.

That seems like a pretty small school right? So is it possible that “white privilege” is an issue big enough in this school to warrant the caving of an entire school board to go out of their way to fly a BLM flag for a whole month?

There you have it. From 2004 all the way back to 1998, the demographics have been almost exactly the same. So if Montpelier holds true to the size and population, that means that 9 or less black students are screaming that white privilege is an issue. How can it be an issue? When the majority of the entire town’s demographics are white, it will always look like bias is being perpetuated if you go by the liberal standard!

According to The Blaze :

The board unanimously approved the hoisting of the Black Lives Matter flag outside Montpelier High School during February, the paper said, after members of the student-led Racial Justice Alliance spoke to the board Jan. 17.

“Vermont has a long history of being at the forefront of civil rights movements,” Montpelier Public Schools said in a statement, the Free Press reported Wednesday. “Our state was the first to abolish slavery in its constitution, and the first to enroll and graduate a black student, who subsequently served in the state legislature. The School Board’s decision to fly a Black Lives Matter flag builds on that legacy.”

What else do the the Racial Justice Alliance students want?

The Racial Justice Alliance students said in statement to the board that the Black Lives Matter flag would be one element of a wider campaign that includes curriculum changes, administrative training, faculty in-service training, a schoolwide assembly and other moves, the paper said.

“And yet, we need to do more to raise our predominantly white community’s collective consciousness to better recognize white privilege and implicit bias,” the Racial Justice Alliance’s statement added, according to Free Press.

The group also noted, the paper said: “We will raise the flag with love in our hearts and courage in our voices. We reject any purported connections to violence or hate that may or may not have occurred under the Black Lives Matter flag. We recognize that all lives do matter, but in the same spirit, not all lives are acknowledged for their equal importance until black lives have been.”

What about those in the community who disagree with flying the Black Lives Matter flag?


The school board said it’s aware some community members might be against the move and welcomes those who disagree into “constructive and peaceful dialogue, in the hopes of deepening our shared understanding of race and privilege in our education system and broader community,” the paper said.

So black lives importance absolutely must be acknowledged BEFORE the Vermont’s school board will then acknowledge the importance of any other race? Wait, that sounds more like “black privilege” to me than the other way around. Are these people serious? The only privilege I see here is the privilege to be completely ignorant to the truth of racism, and that truth is that it is mostly a false narrative perpetuated by the left and used to paint all white people as bad!

H/T [ The Blaze ,  The College Fix ]



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