Bounty Coming On Jesse Ventura’s Head After People Learn The Sick Thing He Just Did To Dead Sniper Chris Kyle

Prior to Chris Kyle’s heart-wrenching death, he was involved in a lawsuit filed against him by none other than Jesse Ventura. The lawsuit claimed that Kyle’s autobiography contained a story that described Kyle punching Ventura in the mouth at a California bar after Ventura was heard stating that he felt as if the special operations forces of the Navy “deserved to lose a few” in the Iraqi war.

Not too many Americans would take kindly to that statement, but Ventura says that the incident did not happen, and sued Kyle for slander.

Mind you that Ventura is the same scumbag who continued the suit after the American Hero was murdered.  Chris Kyle’s widow was now the target of Ventura’s wrath.  The former Governor had absolutely no remorse for it, which he was all too happy to attest to in an interview on CBS News.

Now that he has greedily accepted a settlement of the suit, since he was clearly in it for financial gain as well as the hope that the lawsuit would bring him out of irrelevancy, he is committing the same act of slander that he formerly accused Kyle of. Ventura recently did an interview in which he called the Hero the “American Liar,” and not too many are happy about it.

According to Western Journal :

His defamation lawsuit might be settled, but that didn’t stop Jesse Ventura from disparaging the late Chris Kyle in a news conference this week.

Ventura, a former professional wrestler and Minnesota governor, had been in a legal battle with the former Navy SEAL for a passage in Kyle’s autobiography, “American Sniper.”

In an announcement celebrating the undisclosed settlement of that years-long suit, he skewered the book’s title by calling Kyle “the American liar,” according to Fox News.

The lawsuit dates back to 2012, the year before Kyle was shot and killed by another veteran at a Texas gun range. Ventura has since included Kyle’s widow, Taya, in the public feud, insisting in an interview last year that she should apologize to him for her late husband’s words.

As the Boston Globe reported, Ventura disputed a passage in Kyle’s book referring to a physical altercation between the two at a California bar.

In “American Sniper,” Kyle wrote that Ventura, also a Navy SEAL, said the elite special operations force “deserved to lose a few” in its mission in Iraq.

That statement led to a fight that ended when he knocked Ventura out with a punch, he wrote.

In the book, Kyle referred to the man as “Scruff Face,” but later confirmed his identity.

For his part, Ventura has consistently denied the incident ever happened, unveiling his own nickname in Monday’s statement.

“I offered the ‘American Liar’ Chris Kyle the opportunity to show honor and courage, and he didn’t have it,” he said.

He was unable to disclose the terms of the settlement, but did not hide his happiness at what he described as vindication.

“The settlement is confidential, but I can smile,” Ventura said.

In 2014, a jury decided in his favor and awarded him nearly $2 million in damages, but that verdict was overruled.

A new trial was in the works prior to both sides reaching an agreement first announced last week.

He used the opportunity to reiterate once again his denial of the entire account detailed in Kyle’s book.

“This was fake news, people,” he said. “And this was fake news at its finest. Because the whole thing is fake.”

From the sound of it, Ventura lost the first suit and then went for a second try, and it may be safe to assume that Kyle’s wife settled simply to get Ventura to stop wasting her time and re-breaking her heart years after the initial shock-wave of her beloved husbands death.

To get his way by means of traumatizing a war widow for years and then turning around after he is given what he wanted and continue to insult a dead war hero is by far the most disgusting and insane thing Ventura has done to date. His record of foul lies is far from short. Too bad it didn’t give him the relevance he so sorely wanted. Only God can clean this man’s dirty slate because true Americans will never forget.

H/T [ Western Journal , CBS, Fox , Boston Globe ]


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