BREAKING: Another Dem On Their Way To Prison After Being Indicted For MULTIPLE Crimes Over Christmas

Democrats always like to lecture the common folk about how the law should be followed, how our taxes should be paid, and that the government always knows best. However, most Democrats rarely follow their own advice and treat the law more like suggestions rather than the law. A few examples include former State Senator Leland Yee, an anti-gun Democrat who was busted and sent to prison for agreeing to funnel illegal weapons and paid for votes in exchange for bribes. Then there is Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings who as a U.S. District Judge was convicted by the Florida State Senate for attempting to extort a bribe concerning a case before him. The list goes on, and all it takes is a simple Google search of “Corrupt Democrats” to see a plethora of examples.

Shaun Brown, Democrat candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd district, meets with Daily Press editorial board. (Judith Lowery / Daily Press)

Now there is another Democratic name to add to the “Corrupt Democrats,” and the winner is Shaun Brown a former Democratic candidate for Congress from the state of Virginia. She was indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury on charges of stealing government property and wire fraud. According to available records, Shaun Brown’s alleged crimes took place over the course of nine months back in 2012 and amounted to $803,000 she obtained illegally from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program.

The indictment against Brown states that in 2011 and in 2012, she worked for a non-profit organization called JOBS Community Outreach Development Corporation. This non-profit organization worked with the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program with the intended goal of providing poor children with meals while school was out. The indictment goes on to read that Brown and others instructed workers to produce bogus paperwork lying about the number of meals served to children, and then the extra money for the non-existent meals would be pocketed.

Shaun Brown, 58, owns an export firm and financed her own Congressional bid against Rep. Scott Taylor (R) for the 2nd Congressional District seat left open by Scott Rigell (R). In typical Democratic fashion, Brown has taken the USDA to court alleging that the agency discriminated against her and her mother, Jenever Brown.

Shockingly, Brown has stated she intends to run again for the United States Congress in 2018. In a released statement, Brown’s attorney Jimmy Ellenson said, “We will vigorously defend. She maintains her innocence.” Mr. Ellenson alleges that the allegations against his client stem from a lengthy dispute between his client and the USDA, but he did not elaborate other than to say, “And why would they do this right before Christmas?”

In the lawsuit Brown has filed against the USDA where she is countering with the race card, she is accusing the USDA of illegally delaying payments and had the audacity to claim federal officials falsified claims and reimbursements. Dave Ress, from The Daily Press, reported on this today saying, “Brown alleged that USDA officials in 2016 derailed JOBS’ efforts to secure financing to “satisfy its prior financial commitments for 2012, outstanding bills from the summer of 2012 and $625,000 to purchase” a restaurant that the company hoped to use as a central kitchen for its summer feeding programs. Her lawsuit says that calls from state health officials to a funding group and to her supplier upset agreements JOBS hoped to arrange. It adds that the state’s designation of JOBS as a “high risk auditee” after 2012 cut it out of the summer program. The lawsuit says the state has falsely claimed JOBS was involved in fraud.”

Making this lawsuit even more ridiculous, Brown is seeking damages of $10 million, and she even requested that the judge in the case appoint an attorney to represent her since her lawsuit is a civil rights complaint. Judge Liam O’Grady rightly denied Brown’s request stating there was no relevant circumstance to grant the request.

The charges which Brown faces are serious, and if convicted, she could face significant prison time. The case has shocked many in her community who were under the impression Brown was acting in their best interest and simply wanted to feed poor children. If convicted, Brown could serve up to 20 years in federal prison in addition to a large fine as well as be ordered to pay restitution.

H/T [, The Daily Press]


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