BREAKING!! Authorities Announce They’re MAKING ARRESTS For LAS VEGAS Massacre!

The city of Las Vegas became a gruesome crime scene back in October after 64-year-old Stephen Paddock allegedy holed himself up in a casino hotel room with 10 guns, where he shot down on concert goers below, massacring 58 and wounding 527 others. But from the beginning, things never added up with the media’s official story. Over the past week, affidavits and other FBI and court documentation have been unsealed, allowing the public access to this information following a federal judge’s order to make these documents public. Now in a shocking turn of events, authorities have now announced they’re making an arrest in the case.

We found out through these affidavits that Stephen Paddock was in contact his girlfriend Mari Lou Danley as well as other individuals who helped plan the gruesome massacre on October 1. He exchanged emails about buying riffles and bump stocks, months in advance, as well as other emails discussing long range scopes for his multiple weapons. So could Mari Lou Danley be the missing link?

Breaking 911 reports:

NEVADA – A lawyer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told a judge Tuesday morning that criminal charges could be filed in the next 60 days in connection with the largest mass shooting in the country’s history.

Attorney Nick Crosby make the remarks to Clark County District Court Judge Elissa Cadish.

CNN reported: “Without naming names, there are potential charges against others as a result of the ongoing investigation — is that fair?” Cadish asked Crosby at one point.

“Yes,” Crosby responded. “There are charges being investigated.”

Asked about a time frame for the filing of such charges, Crosby said it “could be 60 days.”

Crosby added, “But I’m not privy to all of the information with respect to what’s going on.”

It was not revealed to whom the charges may be brought.

Local and federal authorities have said in the past they believe the gunman, Stephen Paddock, acted alone in the October 1 massacre. Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was initially identified as a person of interest but has not been charged with a crime.


Marilou Danley was Stephen Paddock’s longtime live-in girlfriend, who was forced back to the United States from the  Philipines after her boyfriend committed mass murder. She lived with him until right before the massacre, when he sent her back home to visit family, strangely wiring her $100,000 which she said was to buy a house there for herself.

“A 68-year-old neighbor of Stephen Paddock said she saw the girlfriend Marilou Danley moving her belongings from the home in early August,” Gateway Pundit reports. “She filled up her car with her belongings and ever tie some things to the roof of the car. Marilou Danley is lying to authorities.” But that’s not all.

“In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, Suzy Page, 68, who lives next door to Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley, said: ‘It was the talk of the neighborhood what on earth he had stashed in the safe, it was as big as a refrigerator…’”

…“I lived next door to him and his girlfriend and never once got as much as a smile out of him.

“They had barely any furniture in the house and nothing in the yard, the shades were always down and it was like they were not even living there.”

“Mrs. Page also revealed how Paddock, 64, fled town after buying a new silver minivan at the start of August. And just two weeks later she said she watched as girlfriend Marilou Danley packed her things into her car before also leaving.”

What’s also strange is the trip that Mari Lou took to the Middle East, making many speculate if this entire massacre was staged with the help of terrorists.

Marilou Danley pictured in Dubai right before attack

But what’s even more strange is now people hot on the trail of this case keep winding up conveniently murdered.

Kymberley Suchomel

It’s amazing how many lies the mainstream media and authorities have already been caught in. The timeline has been debunked by several sources, including eye-witnesses, hotel staff, and even the owners of the hotel itself, but the mainstream media keeps pushing their false narrative of events. Rumors continue to swirl that the shooter was an arms’ dealer in an ISIS gun-running scheme gone wrong, which is why details are being buried in order to protect the FBI from embarrassment.

With authorities and possibly top-level government agents now participating in an active cover-up, just how frantic and determined are these liars going to be at stopping the truth from coming out? Would they actually KILL Americans in order to BURY the truth about Las Vegas? According to breaking reports, it sure appears to look that way.

Up until Kymberley Suchomel was found mysteriously dead in her home on Wednesday in the early morning hours, the 26-year-old was very vocal in her assertion that there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting. She had spoken to multiple news agencies about the truth of what happened that night and was determined to not let the trail of evidence run cold.

Realfarmacy reported:

“Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has been found dead. She was 28.”

“Suchomel was also vocal about the fact there was ‘more than one gunman‘ involved in the attack, speaking out repeatedly and claiming that Las Vegas police and mainstream media were not providing the public with a truthful account of what happened.”

Suchomel was not injured during the shooting at the Route 91 music festival, and died suddenly in the early hours of Monday at her Apple Valley home, according to her grandmother, Julie Norton, who explained to SeaCoast Online that Kymberley must have died at some point during the four hours she was alone in the house.

Norton found Suchomel just after 8:30 a.m. when she arrived to care for her 3-year-old great-granddaughter. Suchomel’s husband Mike had left for work earlier that morning at 4:30 a.m.

Days after the shooting, Kymberley Suchomel explained to the Victorville Daily Presshow she and her friends escaped with their lives as bullets rained down “from all angles” on the 20,000 concertgoers on Oct. 1.

What would cause a healthy 28-year-old to suddenly die in her sleep? Was someone in the government concerned  Suchomel was too great of a risk to keep alive because of her determination to spread the truth about there being multiple gunmen involved in the massacre that night? Suchomel went on the record with the media and told them:

Every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground- why aren’t we being taken more seriously? Tons of things don’t add up,” she wrote on Facebook.

I have been watching the news non-stop since I arrived back home to my family. And it just doesn’t make sense. The story that are feeding everyone doesn’t add up to our eyewitness accounts. There is something wrong with what they are saying & the evidence seems fake if you ask me.”

Will we ever know the truth? Hopefully this arrest will solve these numerous questions involving this horrifying shooting.



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