BREAKING: CIA Official Goes Rogue To Warn America: “We’ll be at war within 12 weeks.”

Numerous situations have arisen over the past few months concerning the apparent inevitability of a clash with North Korea, and the newest reports are indicating it could be as close as only 12 weeks away. A number of North Korean soldiers have also recently deflected to South Korea and tests are revealing that at least one of them is immune to the biologic agent Anthrax. These deflections and the condition of those soldiers along with certain immunities is a huge concern because of what it all implicates to the United States intelligence community.

Reports indicate that the CIA director himself has told a small amount of people that he is positive that a conflict within 12 weeks is inevitable. What that means precisely is anyone’s guess because the word conflict can be used to mean many of things. An all out war is possible or small skirmishes to show precedence are all covered under “conflict.” Could this be a warning of a chemical attack by North Korea on mainland America or something even bigger like the beginning of an all out multi-country war?

A Chinese General, Wang Gongguang, along with Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Robert Neller both agree that war is imminent and will likely begin before March of 2018.

Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Robert Neller

with Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Robert Neller both agree that war is imminent and will likely begin before March of 2018.

According to Info Wars :

Author James Rickards, who is known to have intelligence contacts, says the Director of the CIA told him the United States will be at war with North Korea within 12 weeks.

Rickards, author of The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisis, says he attended a private event in Washington DC where CIA head Mike Pompeo told a small think tank group that conflict was inevitable.

“The most important financial or geopolitical issue in the world today is a coming war between the U.S. and North Korea, probably in the next twelve weeks,” writes Rickards.

“How can I be so sure about the timing? The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me.”

According to Rickards, Pompeo said, “It would be imprudent to assume it would take North Korea more than ‘five months’ to have a reliable arsenal of nuclear-armed ICBM missiles. These could strike U.S. cities and kill millions of Americans.”

The meeting took place on October 20, meaning March 20 would be the outside window for the war to begin, although Rickards says “the war will likely begin before then.”

Last week, Marine Corps commandant warned U.S. troops stationed in Norway that conflict was just around the corner.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Gen. Robert Neller told them. “You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Rickards’ prediction is also echoed by Chinese General Wang Gongguang, who also said that war was likely before March.

“The war on the Korean Peninsula might break out anytime between now and March next year,” Wang told the Global Times, adding that “China should be psychologically prepared for a potential Korean war, and the Northeast China regions should be mobilized for that.”

Meanwhile, a North Korean soldier who defected to the South earlier this year has been found to be immune to anthrax, sparking fears that the regime has succeeded in weaponising the disease for potential delivery via intercontinental ballistic missiles.

With China being warned to be ready and begin mobilizing in case of a conflict, we really should be paying closer attention to the ramping up of North Korean rhetoric and actions. Their movements are quite telling if we would only look a bit harder at them on a day to day basis. The deflecting of soldiers is a sure sign of bad things to come. A place like North Korea doesn’t just have soldiers running on a whim, and if they are being tested on like guinea pigs then there is a reason. Hitler did the same exact thing by way of testing on soldiers before and during WW2, until he turned his sights to the Jews that he tortured.

Updates will surely be coming as far as the reports of any possible clarifications as to what conflict exactly and a more defined time frame for said conflict to pop off. Until then we will do all we can to keep our eyes and ears peeled to bring the most up to date info we can on this situation.

H/T [ Info Wars , The Global Times ]


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