BREAKING: Homeland Security Just Caught Obama!

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office, he has been plagued by Obama’s “Deep State.” Millions of Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief when Obama rode off into the sunset one last time aboard Marine One. But unfortunately, Obama had no plans of letting President Trump destroy the legacy which he worked so hard to achieve. Trump has faced more leaks than any other president in history. In fact, during Trump’s first 126 days through July, he faced 125 leaks that posed a threat to national security.

Obama set up shop only three miles away from the White House and has been pulling the strings behind many leaks since the beginning. He is still a powerful man with a large army of followers that will do whatever is asked of them. No other President has caused so many leaks and roadblocks for an incoming president than Obama has caused Trump.

Breitbart reported:

“Since President Trump assumed office, our nation has faced an unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information,” said the report from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The report showed that the Trump administration faced 125 leaks potentially damaging to national security in 126 days — a “conservative estimate,” it noted.

A more narrow search, confined to five major outlets, showed the Trump White House faced 62 leaks, compared to eight under the Obama administration, and nine under the George W. Bush administration.

“Under President Trump’s predecessors, leaks of national security information were relatively rare, even with America’s vibrant free press,” the report found.

The report warned that the leaks have “real world consequences for national security” and recommended that federal law enforcement officials investigate the leaks:

These leaks do not occur in a vacuum. They can, and do, have real-world consequences for national security. To ensure the security of our country’s most sensitive information, federal law enforcement officials ought to thoroughly investigate leaks of potentially sensitive information flowing at an alarming rate.

Now, Obama and his spies have been caught red-handed and the results could bring him down once and for all. Reports indicate that Obama’s Deep State was leaking sensitive information to the MSM and spread it to different networks to cause it to go viral.

Obama’s Deep State DOJ and FBI were not only leaking classified intelligence to the mainstream media (MSM) but they were synchronizing their leaks to various outlets to achieve the most impact.

These criminal acts are beyond any imagination and show how criminal and corrupt the Obama justice team was by the end of his eight years in office.

On Tuesday night Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell was on Lou Dobbs Tonight on FOX Business to discuss the text messages exchanged between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his DOJ lawyer mistress Lisa Page. He discussed whether their texts prove that they leaked information to the liberal media.

During the interview Farrell stated-

This is a case of them [Strzok and Page] I think trying to get out ahead of the problem because obviously Strzok is already, Strzok and his girlfriend are already in bad shape.  But the text messages today show that they were synchronized, they were first of all leaking, but then they were synchronizing their story to both the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and perhaps others, and that is a level of, ah, investigative misconduct and abuse of process that is off the charts.

Sean Hannity on FOX News followed up last night that it is now evident that the US is facing unprecedented criminalization involving one of the largest abuses of power in US history due to the leaks and criminal abuses coming out of Obama’s deep state and corrupt DOJ and FBI.  According to Hannity –

The powerful tools of intelligence have now been politicized and used to influence a Presidential election.  Now make no mistake about this, this scandal will reach the highest levels of the Obama intelligence community, the DOJ, the FBI, and what we’re reporting on is only the beginning tonight.

Obama and his Deep State need to be defeated. We cannot afford to allow him to place our country in such a dangerous position. Many of these leaks could be very damaging to our national security, but Obama doesn’t care about that. He is determined to keep his power and pull strings from behind the scenes. Hopefully, Trump and his team will take the necessary steps to ensure these traitors are dealt with and brought to justice. Spread this story around so everyone can know what a traitor Obama is.

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H/T Gateway Pundit, Breitbart


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