BREAKING: Obama To Blame After 5 Citizens Are Kidnapped Overnight

During President Obama’s tenure as President of the United States, he engaged in a systematic plan to (as he put it), “fundamentally change America” which we are now learning involved much more than instilling his socialist agenda. President Obama used the various government agencies at his disposal to conduct covert operations which got people killed, cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars, and did nothing to make America safer.

Most Americans know about the botched Fast and Furious gun-running operation led by the ATF, which resulted in drug cartels obtaining various weapons, and the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, but this was not the only instance that President Obama used his position as President to arm America’s enemies.

News has broken via Pro Publica that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ran a covert operation under the direction of President Obama, which resulted in the suspected killings of 5 innocent Mexican citizens.

In a scene out of a movie, the Zetas Drug Cartel, based out of Monterrey, Mexico showed up at a Holiday Inn with a convoy of vehicles, stormed the building, and kidnapped a marketing executive, a chemical engineer, a shoe salesman, a college professor, and the receptionist of the hotel. Mexican authorities investigated the kidnappings and suspected murders of these five people and hastily concluded that the victims were somehow involved with the Zetas Drug Cartel. However, recent information suggests that the Zetas Drug Cartel were targeting a group of agents trained by the DEA, all of whom had been using the same Holiday Inn as their base of operation all the way up until the day before this violent incident. The team which was targeted is part of the DEA’s (SIU) Sensitive Investigative Unit. The unit consists of Mexican Federal Police vetted and trained by the DEA. The team’s main target was the leader of the Zetas Cartel, Hector Raul Luna, and they had been attempting to track his movements for some time. “El Tori” as he is known by his nickname, Hector Raul Luna found out about this operation and sent his hit men to kidnap and kill the agents involved.

After the incident, family members of the victims whose bodies were never recovered, were left with haunting questions as to why their loved ones were kidnapped and presumably killed by a violent drug cartel. The family of the man who was a marketing executive attempted to negotiate with the Zetas Cartel, and they even paid a ransom, but the violent cartel cut off contact with the family, and they never heard anything back. As reported by Ginger Thompson of Pro Publica, “We could never figure out why they were taken. What made them so important?” said David Anabitarte, the marketing executive’s supervisor and one of his best friends. “It was hard to accept what had happened because it never made any sense.”

The DEA at the time was well aware that innocent Mexican civilians were kidnapped and they offered no assistance to rescue the victims or give the families of the victims closure so they could bury their loved ones. Rather the DEA evacuated the real SIU team. President Obama and his advisors were also aware of what happened with these innocent civilians and never bothered to tap the resources of the DEA or the CIA to mount any kind of rescue effort or investigation.

The history of the SIU team in Mexico does not have a good track record. Going all the way back to 2007, a majority of the supervisors in SIU was paid off or otherwise under the thumb of the Zetas Cartel. In some instances the supervisors who were not compromised were simply killed. One SIU supervisor in particular, Ivan Reyes Arzate was indicted in a Chicago Federal Court for sharing sensitive information with drug traffickers.

Despite the serious lapses in security that the DEA and the Obama Administration were aware about, DEA and Obama admin officials decided to keep the SIU program in Mexico running. However, these security lapses and risks came with a cost. When news of this story broke, one of the relatives of a victim kidnapped by the Zetas Cartel said, “Why didn’t the DEA say anything? With all their power and authority, why didn’t they try to help? I suppose Mexican lives don’t matter.”

While investigating this story, Ginger Thompson from Pro Publica interviewed 23 current and former DEA agents. These agents only spoke out on the condition of anonymity because they were speaking about classified information. These agents had all worked with SIU, and in some cases these agents were still active in the DEA. One agent said, “If this had happened in the States, there would have been all kinds of outrage. But in Mexico, I’m sorry to say this, nobody gives a s*^!.”

The DEA has not officially commented on this story or why they and the Obama Administration failed to offer any kind of assistance in rescuing these innocent civilians.

Families of the victims are still left searching for the truth, and it is unclear if the Trump Administration will get involved and provide the answers these families deserve.

H/T [Western Journalism, Pro Publica]


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