BREAKING: Obama Busted In Illegal Activity That Could Land Him 5 years In Prison

There is no doubt that the Obama Presidency was filled with scandals and corruption that led our country on the brink of Civil War. His divisive policies split our nation in two leaving us divided and vulnerable to our enemies. When Trump was first elected and was waiting to be sworn into office, the Obama administration scurried to clean up the horrible mess that our country was left in.

Just recently, it was revealed that the unmasking records of the Obama’s finals days have been withheld from the public under the Presidential Records Act, but if Trump wants, he can get them.

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has been making waves recently due to their persistence to expose government corruption at any cost. Although the watchdog group and their leader, Tom Fitton, have been denied access to the Obama unmasking records, they now know ways to get the information once and for all.

According to ConservativeDailyPost:

The unmasking records are critical to the public’s understanding as to what is taking place between the two regimes in power at this time.  The Trump administration is one and it seems as if Obama’s administration is working as a shadow organization to undermine the work of the Trump administration.  It is crucial to see what information they gained, rightfully or illegally, as their corruption and biases are evidence that they cannot be trusted with the most sophisticated spying assets in the world.

Many have speculated that these unmasking records, along with the FBI investigation and fake dossier, are tied together in that they were all designed to harm Trump.  If the FBI, DOJ, National Security Council, and the Obama administration all worked to use the assets of the United States to spy or undermine a candidate, and the incoming President, then it blows Watergate out of the water.

That is why it is crucial for the public to seek the information from Obama’s last days. The leftist media is sure to be of absolutely no help.  Judicial Watch can only do so much in terms of acting in the interests of the public and making all of their work accessible for all, but there are a number of other ways that the information can be obtained from the Obama Presidential Library.

One of the larger problems is that the library does not actually exist.  There is a construction site and plans for the library but in terms of personnel or a physical site, there is absolutely nothing.  So that begs the question as to where these documents physically are, as in are they in boxes at the construction site or in Obama’s garage?  The official answers is the Archivist has the files and there are only a select few ways can make these documents accessible.

If President Trump is not able to use the other means of the nation, government tools and assets,  to find the answers to his problems then he is allowed to request certain information form the library.   However, it has been almost a full year and no such request has been made, this leads one to believe that there are other ways for the President to find out the answers without requesting it.  Another way would be for Congress to issue a request for the information if none of the other assets of the government were yielding any results.

If they want, there are ways for Republican government officials to gain access to the highly controversial documents that reside within the Obama Presidential Library. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening and most likely the public will have to wait 5 years for the documents to be made available for everyone to see. Of course, by that point, all of the criminal activity will be wiped clean and there will be nothing substantial to see.

Some claim President Trump has not requested the information because it simply no longer exists. If the paperwork and documents are still somewhere then most likely they have been heavily edited and will end up revealing nothing substantial. Judicial Watch is not giving up, and you can count on them to fight the good fight and expose the Obama administration for the criminals that they are. What do you think?

H/T Conservative Daily Post


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