BREAKING: Obama FREAKING THE HELL OUT After What FBI Officials Just Uncovered In Raid

Shocking new information has broken the internet in recent days about the unbelievable acts of treason that Obama committed while in office. Last week, hardcore evidence emerged how Obama worked hand-in-hand with ISIS terrorists to secure massive amounts of weapons and arsenal to their terror group. Then immediately after that report surfaced, alarming information revealed how Obama turned a blind eye to Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations in order to appease Iran and ensure his Iranian nuclear deal would be finalized. Now the floodgates of another Obama scandal is blowing wide open after the FBI just raided a Virginia man’s home who has very close ties with Obama, where boxes of suspicious items were just removed.

It’s truly amazing how deep Obama’s treasonous antics were over the past 8 years. But just because Obama is out of the White House that doesn’t mean he isn’t done trying to take a sledge hammer to our country. Now Obama’s good Muslim buddy is being brought up on federal charges, after a raid went down in Sterling, Virginia, that was prompted by an FBI investigation. According to Conservative Daily Post:

“…last Friday of the year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were raiding a home in Sterling, Virginia, a home inhabited by a person with a shocking connection to the Obama administration.

The home in Sterling, Virginia contained Sean Andrew Duncan, a Muslim convert who, according to the FBI and their affidavit, stated his intention to join ISIS in Syria (where they are currently being slaughtered). Sean Andrew Duncan also shared information on how to make a bomb with a woman who is currently in international custody.”

“It seems that Duncan moved to the D.C. area to associate with the Arabic-language program taught at the Fawakih Institute, based in Sterling. Duncan apparently loved the program so much that he gave testimonials about it and worked to raise funds for the program. Most interesting of all, one of the Fawakih Institute’s Arabic-language program’s top advisers is Mohamed Magid, who was a top Islamic adviser to the Obama administration.

Sean Andrew Duncan, a Muslim convert

Suspicion of the Duncan household began when he and his wife tried to travel to Turkey, but were rejected by the Turkish government and sent back to the United States. When they arrived back in the United States, the Federal Bureau of investigations interviewed Sean Andrew Duncan before releasing him back into the United States.”

According to Duncan’s associate, Duncan was her contact with ISIS in the United States, and she had talked with him using encrypted applications. She said that Sean Andrew Duncan provided her with instructions on how to make a bomb, taken from the ISIS-backed Inspire magazine written and printed by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The article he provided to her was called “how to build a bomb in your mother’s kitchen.”

Just last month, the government became aware of Duncan running a Twitter account, @dawlahtulIslam, which is an Islamic phrase that translates to ‘the Islamic State.’ That information, combined with the other information that the FBI had collected, led them to request a search warrant from a federal judge, so that the FBI could search for further evidence that Duncan was working with the Islamic State.

When the FBI served the search warrant, Duncan attempted to flee, carrying a bag with a USB flash drive he had snapped into pieces. The FBI maintains that he was attempting to destroy evidence of his collusion with the Islamic State, but it sounds like they have plenty to go on already.

What’s chilling is that this terrorist who was actively plotting to carry out jihad on Americans comes from the same Islamic Institute that Obama frequented. Below is a picture of Obama with the leader of the very same mosque that radicalized Duncan.

Mohamed Magid of the Fawakih Institute, shown here shaking hands with former-President Obama. Magid was a top Islamic adviser for the Obama administration, despite being part of organizations with connections to terrorism.

Thanks to Obama, not only has ISIS risen to power with the massive stash of American weapons they now have at their disposal, but ISIS now have a solid foothold in our country. It’s time for President Trump to crack the whip and go after Hussein Obama with a vengeance, and show the world what happens to traitors who sell us down the river in order to further the cause of Muslim terrorists who have vowed to kill us!

H/T [Freedom Daily]


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