BREAKING: Pre-Christmas Terror Attack Rocks Pennsylvania, Multiple People Down

Over the past several weeks, Muslims have been making threats to target Americans over the Christmas season, with extremist Muslims gathering in New York City several days ago vowing that “the army of Mohammad would be returning.” Now in the light of these chilling threats, a disturbing attack has just happened in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, where multiple officers were shot down.

It appears as though the mainstream media is already trying to bury the incident that happened on Friday where a 51-year-old shooter with a very Arabic-sounding name took to the streets with two handguns, a shotgun, and two rifles and began targeting locals. After Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty was spotted, reports began suddenly began coming in to the local police stations as well as the State Trooper offices. During one of three shootings, one State Trooper was very badly injured. Police shot and killed the shooter.

Police shot and killed Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, who was identified as a shooting suspect in Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 22, 2017. (Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office )

Local authorities appear to be quite hesitant to actually call the incident a terror attack, which has become a tactic used by Islam-pandering officials as a way to deflect blame out of fear of being labeled racists or bigots.

According to PennLive :

Officers returned fire, shooting and killing El-Mofty. A device was found next to El-Mofty, but Marsico said it ended up being “of no import.”

No other police officers or civilian injuries were reported. Marsico said it “certainly appears that there’s no doubt” he was targeting police officers.

Marsico commended responding agencies, and said the incident could have been “tragic” given that the shots were fired at police cars in rush hour traffic, and then into a residential neighborhood.

Suspect on ground after being fatally shot

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident with local law enforcement. Marsico said EL-Mofty has ties to the East and West shore. El-Mofty also has ties to the Middle East, and traveled there recently, according to Marsico.

Records did not produce any previous criminal background on El-Mofty.

According to Fox News :

Authorities in Harrisburg, Pa., were wondering Friday what drove a 51-year-old man to go on an afternoon shooting spree in which he apparently targeted police officers.
Police eventually shot and killed the gunman, whom authorities later identified as Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty.

One Pennsylvania state trooper was shot during the spree, but she was expected to make a full recovery, authorities said.

The suspect had chased the trooper during one of three shootings that began at around 4 p.m., PennLive reported.

By around 7 p.m., the suspect was dead.

Ed Marsico, Dauphin County district attorney, said police were deliberately targeted, and that El-Mofty was slain as he fired at officers while carrying two rifles and a shotgun, reported.

Marsico told WGAL-TV that officials had “no idea what the motivation is at this point.”

A bomb squad investigated a suspicious device spotted near the scene of where El-Mofty was killed, but no threat was found, WHTM-TV reported.

Marsico said the FBI was assisting in the investigation to determine if it was a planned act of terrorism, the station reported.

“We can’t comment on that at this time,” Marsico told the station. “But the investigation will continue and it will be thorough.”

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse commended police for their “exceptional bravery,” while Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said he was “grateful for the swift reaction” of the officers, in statements obtained by WGAL.

The is clearly one motive here and it will probably not take too long before we hear that this is a “terror attack against our police in the name of Allah.” This tragic attack could have been far worse than it was considering this shooters clear rage and weapons cache. His home is being searched and many other pieces of evidence are being sifted through and we will update this article as soon as we get more information.

H/T [ Fox News , PennLive , WGAL , WHTM ]


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