BREAKING: Republicans Caught Pushing Obama-era Policy That Will Cost Americans Nearly 30 BILLION DOLLARS

Senator Lindsey Graham and his fellow RINO’s (Republicans’ in Name Only) are continuing to collaborate with Democrats to bankrupt the United States and flood the voter rolls with illegal immigrants. Senator Graham and his like minded liberal brethren want to allow 2 million illegal immigrants, classified as “Dreamers” under the Obama Administration, to remain in the United States and receive all the benefits that come along with being a U.S. citizen without having to go through the formal immigration process. The issue with this is that it is going to cost the American taxpayer $25.9 billion. Here is my question for Senator Graham and his colleagues who support this criminal behavior: Why should the American taxpayer be expected to fund their own demise and allow people who violated our laws to be rewarded?

We still have homeless veterans on our streets who are hungry and cold and veterans coming home who have been wounded in battle and are going to need care for the rest of their lives. It makes more sense to spend this $25.9 billion on them since they actually did something to earn it. How about spending this money to fight illegal immigration all together and make sure Customs and Border Protection Agents has the equipment they need. There are much better uses for this money but RHINO’s and Democrats in Washington D.C. simply don’t care.

Thinking that he would get over on the American people, Senator Graham, who introduced this legislation, snuck in a provision that would cover “Dreamers” as well as other illegal immigrants who have been milking our system. Brian Kilmeade asked Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center For Immigration Studies about these other illegal immigrants separate from the DREAMER’s, and whether or not they would be covered under DREAM Act. Mrs. Vaughan replied, “No, but this particular piece of legislation that they (the Congressional Budget Office) analyzed, which was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham over the summer would legalize not only the people with DACA but anyone who got here under the age of 18, up to four years ago.

So that also includes a large number of the unaccompanied minors who came from Central America, as well as the people who got DACA under President Obama. So it’s a much bigger population and a younger population. It also doesn’t have an upward age cap on it, so lots of older illegal aliens who didn’t get DACA would qualify as well. And so that’s part of the reason behind this big cost, but the main problem is that this is a group of illegal aliens who are lightly educated and working in mostly unskilled jobs. We’ve gotten this impression that they’re mostly college kids from the activists. But the truth is that many of them lack a high school education and are going to acquire access to welfare benefits like healthcare.”

Activists claim that illegal immigrants and Dreamers bring money into our economy, pay taxes, and are a benefit because they are consumers purchasing goods. However, this argument is false. Within the CBO analysis, they accounted for any financial benefit the illegal immigrant population would contribute, and with the amount of resources they would require, there simply would be no financial benefit to allowing more than 2 million illegal aliens to receive U.S. citizenship.

 I don’t think it is too much to expect people wanting to come to the United States of America to follow our laws. When Americans travel to a foreign country, we are expected to follow that country’s respective laws. So the standard should be the same across the board. However, folks like Senator Graham and illegal alien activists are not interested in following they law. Rather, they are interested in circumventing it to suit their needs, and this is what the DREAM Act is. It is nothing more than a piece of legislation which is intended to further put America in debt and contribute to white genocide. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow but what other motive is there? RINO’s and Democrats are only interested in retaining power by any means necessary. They do not care for the American people, military veterans, or the thousands of immigrants who came to this country legally.

I’m called a racist because I’m of the opinion that these 2 million “Dreamers” should be deported but I don’t care. Regardless of how they got to America, they are breaking the law and they should be deported. If they want to be American citizens they should be expected to go through the process legally.

And for all you activists out there, these folks are not undocumented immigrants; they are illegal aliens. They are a  population of people who have been responsible for killing Americans. Americans who would still be alive had our government done their job and permanently removed these people. But, we have sanctuary cities and Mayors like Rahm Emanuel who are more interested in violating federal immigration law than protecting their own citizens. Sanctuary cities are not safe havens for Americans. They are cities which breed crime and put Americans in danger.

The American people can’t allow our great nation to turn into Europe and become a toilet bowl for illegal immigrants. A harsh analogy but it’s the only one I can come up with when I see how these lawbreakers and their enablers in Washington D.C. treat the rule of law. What Senator Graham and his cohorts are doing is akin to playing Monopoly and changing the rules when they don’t suit your outcome.

Thankfully, we have a President that cares more about Americans than illegal aliens who don’t belong here in the first place.

H/T [Fox News]


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