BREAKING: Trump Just Deployed Massive Fleet Of B-52 Bombers After Catching Obama In Unbelievable Act Of Treason

Aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States is the textbook definition of treason, which is exactly what Obama did for the past 8 years. But in addition protecting Hezbollah’s drug and money laundering enterprise, we’re now learning that Obama worked along side the Taliban in Afghanistan to ensure that the terror group would become the world’s top leader in heroin, where their enterprise is now generating billions of dollars for the terror group to carry out their operations against the West. 

Now President Trump is going to war and deploying our military in an attempt to undo the massive drug enterprise that Obama actively supported by targeting their revenue stream and attacking their opium refining labs. In light of this stunning information, Trump’s military General said “the gloves are off” as Obama’s treasonous alliance with these Taliban drug cartel members are being exposed.

Now the Trump administration has began lengthy and deeply involved strikes that are decimating these facilities facilities run by terror groups that Obama protected. The money-stream is drying up, and soon terror groups will be without financial backing of any type. Since their cash-flow from Obama has been stemmed and their weapons are no longer provided by him either it will leave them empty handed with no where to turn. When an enemy as horrid as the Taliban is making up to $200 million per year from poppy cultivation and opium production this in no small victory for America!

“Since November 20, U.S. troops and their Afghan allies have been targeting the Taliban jihadists’ opium business in their Helmand stronghold, the top-poppy producing province in Afghanistan,” Breitbart reported. “The U.S.-NATO coalition in Afghanistan has pulverized 25 Taliban labs used to process opium and its deadly heroin derivative, depriving the narco-jihadists of $80 million in illegal drug proceeds in the first three weeks of an unprecedented counternarcotics air campaign.”

According to Stars and Stripes :

WASHINGTON — U.S. and Afghan warplanes bombed 10 Taliban-controlled opium production facilities in Helmand province Sunday in the first major use of new White House-approved authorities to target the insurgents’ revenue stream, the top U.S. general in Afghanistan said Monday.

American B-52 bombers and stealth F-22 Raptor fighter jets struck eight drug labs where the Taliban was producing narcotics, including heroin, from the vast poppy fields that it controls in the region, said Army Gen. John Nicholson. The Afghan air force struck two other facilities with their American-provided A-29 Super Tucano attack planes and Afghan commandos conducted a raid on a prison in a mission tied to the operation dubbed Jagged Knife.


For years our military has been under a lock down on how and why they can engage the enemy thanks to the treasonous decisions by Obama to help the terrorists out. Now we finally have a President who isn’t going to allow the enemy to continue to grow their money and weapons caches while we do nothing to stop them until they literally have their guns in our faces and their bombs exploding by our heads.

The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates there are 400 to 500 opium laboratories across Afghanistan and about 10 of them were bombed at the start of this operation. That leaves many more to be taken out over a long period of time. These attacks cannot be done overnight due to the required mapping of their revenue streams, and the mapping of their infrastructure in areas where we literally were not allowed to go before.

Thanks to Obama, not only has ISIS risen to power with the massive stash of American weapons they now have at their disposal, but the Taliban now has a multi-billion dollar heroin enterprise they’re now using to fund terrorism against the West. It’s time for President Trump to crack the whip and go after Hussein Obama with a vengeance, and show the world what happens to traitors who sell us down the river in order to further the cause of Muslim terrorists who have vowed to kill us!

H/T [ Stars and Stripes , The Washington Post ]


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