Canine Beast Shreds Santa’s Elf, Then Hero Surgeons Save The Day For 1 Distraught Child

Surgeons were recently tasked with a difficult situation when the tiny life of an Elf on the Shelf was challenged by a rather formidable nemisis who practically shredded the tiny Santa’s Helper while the owners slept. The Elf’s rescuer is a true hero of Christmas for taking on the ravenous German Shepard at the tender age of seven.

The little girl, Aubrie, was awakened by a noise and found her tiny friend had been mauled by her dog. The crime scene was enough to send the child into a screaming fit which then woke her mother. The picture below shows what happens when the dog can reach the shelf.

Oh the horror!!! This poor tiny elf had been dismembered and left with numerous lacerations from the vicious teeth of the criminal K-9!

Thankfully the little patient was rushed to the E.R. (literally) where a team of medical professionals went straight to work to repare what damage they could.

Metal stints and special Santa approved equipment was used to reattach tiny limbs.

Casts and bandages covered tears and lacerations.

The Elf had a close call and was thankfully given another chance to live a full and happy Christmas season with his adoptive family.

Respect to everyone from Superhero Aubrie (who has single handedly reminded me that compassion exists even if its for a plush doll) to her mother (for understanding that children need magic and make-believe in their lives), as well as to the hospital staff that knew they simply couldn’t allow this poor little Elf to be taken from his little girl before Christmas.

According to Today :

Surgeons equipped with a pair of Santa’s special gloves saved Christmas for one little girl after her Elf on the Shelf had a rough encounter with the family dog.

Aubrie Thelen, 7, was distraught on Wednesday morning after she discovered her dog, Zoey, had attacked her family’s elf, whom they named Sam.


The German shepherd ripped off Sam’s right arm and left a hole in his rosy red cheek.
Luckily, Aubrie’s mom, Jenn Thelen, is the nurse manager for the emergency department at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida.

She told Aubrie there were “special doctors” who could save Sam. She and her colleagues then rushed into action to save the little North Pole assistant.

An adorable video posted to Facebook by the hospital captured the ER team’s heroics.

After wheeling the elf in on a gurney and assessing his injuries, an emergency room staffer named Ashley donned some special gloves and got to work.

“OK, let’s see what we can do,” one said. “Make some magic happen.”

As any kid with an Elf on the Shelf knows, no human can touch Santa’s little spy or he will lose his magic. That’s why Ashley made sure to wear Santa’s special magic gloves while sewing Sam back together.

Ashley then sprinkled some Christmas magic (actually glitter) on Sam once he was back in one piece. The elf was discharged from the hospital the same day.

“Sam is now back on his shelf and mom will definitely make sure that he is out of Zoey’s reach,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.


Sam has healed and has been reunited with his family back at home.

This Christmas will be one that this little girl will never forget and that in and of itself is a gift not many receive these days. While we run at 100 miles an hour to find and purchase the perfect gift, or spend way too much time away from our family while trying to make Christmas absolutely perfect for the very family we are losing time with, maybe we should step back and remember one thing.

It is truly the small and heartfelt acts that count. Mom going to extremes to save an Elf on a Shelf may seem silly to some but it speaks volumes to me. These are the stories that last. These are the moments that our children will quote when someone asks what kind of person their parent was. That silly Elf will forever be that girls life lesson on compassion and love for a fellow human being. She will age and realize that neither her mom nor the hospital staff had to do what they did.

Instead she will learn that they chose to be kind to a small child whos heart was broken, they chose to let her stay young and to truly believe, even if for only another year or two.

That is the true meaning of Christmas.

God Bless and have a very Merry Christmas.

H/T [ Today]


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