Dad Who Beat Son’s Rapist To Bloody Pulp Had Just 14 Words for Him at Sentencing… And They’re Chilling

When a then 18-year old Raymond Frolander was caught by an extremely angry father while sexually assaulting the man’s 11-year old son, things didn’t go quite like Frolander clearly hoped they would. Instead of enjoying his sick and twisted attack against a child, he found himself at the backside of the fathers fists.

The teen looked like a typical egotistical and entitled kid prior to the attack:

This isn’t what Frolander looked like after he was caught literally with his pants down. The victim’s father gave him one hell of a beating, and it was one that most people feel was fully justified.

After the beating and his arrest, Frolander sure didn’t look anything even remotely like the cocky and self-assured teen in the photo above. Instead he look like this:

The victim’s father wasn’t charged with any crime and the police Chief even went as far as to say, “Dad was acting like a dad.” Indicating that the Chief knew exactly how hard it had been for the father to stop pummeling the bruised and bloodied Frolander, but he did manage to stop and his reason as to why he didn’t out right kill his son’s attacker is one that many can fully understand.

After hearing the 25-year sentence handed down to Frolander on Thursday, the father spoke very few, but very strong words to the press outside of the courtroom:

“He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live. Now, I can’t afford to replace y’all’s cameras so move.”


According to The Conservative Tribune :

We’ve reported about the beating Raymond Frolander took after the father of the boy he was sexually molesting caught him with his pants down.

Frolander was supposed to be babysitting the 11-year-old boy when the incident happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, 2 years ago.

The boy’s father beat Frolander into an unrecognizable pulp, unconscious and undoubtedly near death. One of the reasons Frolander lives today is because the victim asked his father to stop.

The father was not charged with any crimes but Frolander was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Frolander will also have to register as a sex offender when he is released.

After the sentencing, the father explained another reason why he let the pedophile live in just 14 words: “He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live,” he told reporters.

 The victim’s father is right; Frolander is sure to get a lesson about how even convicted felons feel about child molesters once he finds himself behind bars with violent criminals who have children.

There is no doubt Frolander got what he deserved. Behind bars, he will have something else to worry about.

Prison is such a “living hell for pedophiles” that protective custody is often necessary. This guy will probably need it even though he arguably does not deserve it.

We’re glad to see that Frolander is going to serve some serious time because, often, sexual offenders don’t seem to get the punishment they so richly deserve.

That is justice! Not only did the father do what he really had every right to do in defense of his child, but he was strong enough to step away knowing that the attacker who hurt his little boy would suffer much more at the hands of those within the prison system who don’t take too kindly to anyone who sexually abuses children. That is a strength far surpassing what was needed to beat the teenager to death after seeing what he had done to an innocent child.

Thankfully, the attacker was served the justice he so thoroughly deserved, and the victim will be in good hands with his clearly protective father. The father wasn’t charged with anything that would keep him from his son. This is one of those rare times when our system actually worked the way it is intended to work for the victims of heinous crimes. Sadly, this is not always the case. In reality it is rarely the case, and many victims go on to be repeatedly hurt not only by attackers but by the very people within the system who are supposed to help them.

Much respect for this father!

H/T [ The Conservative TribuneIJ Review ]


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