Democrats Caught Plotting Nasty Surprise For Trump’s First State of The Union Address

Even though Trump has been President for over a year now, liberal snowflakes show no signs of their massive case of butt-hurt ending anytime soon. They continue to undermine his presidency whenever they can, resorting to fake news and illegal investigations to get him out of office. With their dreams of getting Trump impeached being completely shattered in recent weeks, as their investigations keep backfiring and revealing more dirt on their own party, liberals are kicking their anti-Trump antics into high gear. Now they have a nasty plot underway for Trump’s first State of the Union address, proving just how deep the butt-hurt runs in the Democratic Party and how twisted their priorities truly are.

The State of the Union address is a Constitutional requirement for all sitting Presidents, as spelled out in Article II, Section 3 of our Constitution. The President annually gives Congress information about the “state of the union,” where he then recommends changes that he believes are necessary for the well-being of our country. Despite what political aisle you’re on, it’s important to understand the vision of the President, so as elected leaders, Congress can come together and work towards a common goal.

But leave it to liberals to throw the Constitution out the window and use the State of the Union night as a platform to spew more of their anti-Trump rhetoric. Many Democrats are now planning to skip Trump’s first State of the Union address altogether, just in case Trump didn’t get the memo the first time about how much liberals in D.C. vehemently despise him.

“More and more Democrats are planning to skip President Trump’s first State of the Union address set for Jan. 30 in the House chamber, mostly over Trump’s reported opposition to taking immigrants from sh*thole countries,” Washington Examiner reported.

Multiple Democrat members of Congress, including Reps. Maxine Waters of California, John Lewis of Florida, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Frederica Wilson of Florida have announced they will boycott the annual event. Western Journalism reports:

Among the notable figures absent from President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday will be Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Instead of attending the Trump’s address, she will be part of a “fireside chat” at the Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island.

Her appearance at the school, one of several stops in her winter speaking tour, has been scheduled since August 2017.

Ginsburg, though, has previously criticized Trump — most notably during the 2016 presidential election cycle, when she called him a “faker” with “no consistency.”

Last February, Ginsburg did not attend Trump’s speech before a joint session of Congress. But as pointed out by The Hill, the liberal justice was there for all eight of former President Barack Obama’s addresses to Congress.

Ginsburg is far from the only liberal who will not be present at the Capitol Building on Tuesday, where Trump will deliver his speech.


It’s truly alarming to see where Democrats’ priorities lie. Their entire existence at this point is to oppose Trump, while making it their mission to do everything to protect their precious illegals (AKA their voters) from being deported. Could you imagine if a group of Republicans all got together and decided not to attend Obama’s first State of the Union address? Not only would they have been labeled bigots and racists, but their faces would’ve been plastered all over the liberal news depicted as traitors who don’t support the President. But now that Trump is in office, apparently anything goes.



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