Democrats Step Up Their Attacks Against Trump By Promising To Release Their Own Memo

Newly appointed Democratic mouthpiece Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), who is a ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee continues to take the position that Democrats somehow have the moral high ground when it comes to criticizing President Trump regarding the Russian collusion investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Upon the announcement that Republicans were getting ready to release a memorandum detailing abuse of the FISA court system by high-ranking members of the FBI and the Department of Justice at the direction of the Obama administration and people associated with Hillary Clinton, Rep. Schiff was very adamant that this Republican FISA memo was not released. Now that it has been released, all of America knows what the Democrats have been hiding.

Now Democrats plan on drafting their classified memo, which they say President Trump must declassify, all in the name of transparency. This is coming from the party that engaged in a political hit job and illegally obtained a FISA warrant, based on information from a now proven false dossier, funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. What do the Democrats and Rep. Schiff plan on telling the American people? That the Obama administration, the DNC, James Comey, and his minions acted with integrity?

The memorandum, which the Democrats are drafting, is expected to be presented in front of the House Intelligence Committee by 5 pm EST today. The 10-page memo takes the position that everything the GOP has revealed is false, and President Trump, along with his administration, and Republican allies, are actively attempting to subvert an honest investigation. However, the American people, along with the majority of mainstream media now understand that the Democrats are in fact the police state party and that they used a politically funded dossier, proven to be false, to obtain a FISA warrant under a false pretense. Perhaps some may not have admitted it publicly, but the backroom discussions in Washington D.C. suggest that everyone knows that the cat is out of the bag.

Speaking on what the Republicans have released in their memorandum, Rep. Adam Schiff said, “This wasn’t about oversight, this is about telling a political story that’s helpful to the president. It’s about telling a political story that’s designed to injure the work of the special counsel and discredit it. It will have to go to the White House. And the president, in theory, could veto its release, in which case the House would have to override that veto. I think the president would be hard-pressed to try to suppress this memo, particularly since they claim they’re releasing the GOP memo in the interest of transparency.” Democrats are running scared, with some fearing that those who were complicit in obtaining FISA warrants under a false pretense may be brought up on criminal charges.

For the Democrats in the Congress and Senate to take the position that they are the party of truth and honesty is a stretch, and everyone knows it. Though some in Washington and the mainstream media haven’t admitted, they understand that this Russian collusion investigation into President Trump is not only dead, but that it was, in fact, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey, who were conspiring to subvert a democratically elected President. With all the talk that the Democrats are doing about a foreign government supposedly interfering in our elections, they seem to forget that President Obama did just that when he funded left-wing organizations in Israel to overthrow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Since the release of the Republican memorandum, President Trump’s approval ratings have reached 49%, and they are climbing. It seems that the hard the Democrats try to smear President Trump, the higher his approval ratings get, as support for Democrats across the board is dropping. At one point Democrats and the mainstream media even tried smearing the President with a sex scandal, claiming President Trump had an affair with a porn star, while he was married to Melania Trump. Also if the claim were valid, which it is not, the alleged sexual encounter was consensual, which is more than what can be said for former President Bill Clinton and the numerous women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

It is likely that President Trump will declassify the Democrats memorandum, merely to allow themselves to dig a deeper hole. The Democrats know they are in trouble, and they are scared, and rightfully so. Laws were broken, and judges were lied to obtain warrants.

The American people now know what the Democratic party is, and what they are not. The Democrats do not represent truth and honesty, and they certainly don’t have the best interests of Americans’ in mind.

H/T [The Independent Journal Review]


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