DISGUSTING: Trump Savagely Attacked and It Was All Because Of The Water!

It’s been almost one year since President Trump was sworn into office and the left has not gotten over it. Instead of moving on and accepting that Hillary Clinton lost, the left is still searching for any way they can to impeach Trump.

At first the left tired to remove Trump from office by pushing the fake Russian collusion narrative that has exploded in their faces. Next, they tried to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct to force Trump to step down from office, and when that didn’t work, they are now claiming that Trump is physically unfit to serve as president all based on how he drinks water.

Yeah, you heard that right.

This past Monday evening, Trump unveiled his new national security strategy and while he was speaking he went to grab a glass of water. Instead of using one hand, he picked up the glass with two, which caused the left to have a complete meltdown on social media. The left is claiming that President Trump is displaying early signs of dementia and they are basing this diagnosis on the way he picked up the water glass, and this is not the first time they have said this.

Back in November, the left was all up in arms after witnessing Trump grab a bottle of Fiji water and sipping it during a press conference after his Asia trip. Then, when Trump slurred his speech briefly during an Israel policy speech the entire Democrat party claimed that he needed to be impeached and fast.

So after Trump picked up the water glass with two hands, the left jumped on the dementia case again, which had even CNN hosts regurgitating the lies. 

Of course, liberal mouthpiece Chris Cuomo took the opportunity to make fun of the president saying he drinks water like a man, and grabbed a vase to prove his point.

That prompted co-host Alisyn Camerota to chime in saying, “That’s what you do shots from,” referring to the vase.

“Yes, but only when I’m working,” Cuomo responded.

Leftists on Twitter went nuts, with some convinced that the water sipping is Trump displaying signs of mental illness.

What’s absolutely insane is that the liberal media wants to make a scandal about how Trump drinks water, but they refused to even report on the historic Obama scandal that broke this week.  Obama literally committed treason by protecting Hezbollah’s drug and money-laundering ring to appease Iran in order to secure his nuclear plans with Iran. The money from Hezbollah’s drug ring went on to develop new IED technology that killed countless of our soldiers in Iraq and in Afghanistan. BUT THE MEDIA IS MORE INTERESTED IN HOW TRUMP DRINKS HIS WATER?! IJ Review reported:

But despite the gravity of the news, the Big Three cable networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — completely ignored the bombshell report, according to the right-leaning Media Research Center. The two leading Spanish networks, Telemundo and Univision, ignored it as well.

The MRC characterized the lack of coverage as “a blackout on the revelations,” which were first reported by Politico. Fox News, according to the conservative report, was the only outlet to devote significant time to the stunning story.

“A very serious charge tonight against the Obama administration,” Fox News anchor Bret Baier said during his 6 p.m. ET broadcast. “A bombshell report alleges the government deliberately sabotaged its own efforts to fight terrorist drug and money-laundering operations.”

The left will do whatever they can to try an undermine President Trump and remove him from office, even if that means starting rumors about his health.

Is the way he drinks water strange?  Yes. But who cares!

H/T [InfoWars]


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