“Diva NFL Commissioner” Gets Ridiculed When Players Learn Of His Outlandish Contract Demands

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants a contract extension and has some pretty ridiculous demands. As everyone knows, the NFL is a complete mess this year with longtime fans swearing off their favorite teams thanks to the player protests this year. Roger Goodell has shown what a weak leader he is by not doing more to punish those players disrespectful enough to kneel during the national anthem while on the job.

Goodell has never been a very popular commissioner. Fans have been calling for his replacement for a while now, and coaches and owners may be starting to feel the same way thanks to his demands. Jerry Jones, in particular, is outraged at what Goodell demanded.

BroBible reports:

As you may have heard, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is angling for a new contract extension. And the demands he reportedly has made for his new contract are so outrageous that Goodell has rankled more than a few feathers, including most notably Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to a report by ESPN on November 12th, “The last written counterproposal from Goodell, which was around the first of August, was seeking about $49.5 million per year, as well as the lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has reportedly been gumming up the works with regard to Goodell getting his extension and has allegedly been told by the other NFL owners to chill out, which he, of course, denied.

However, Jones isn’t the only one who thinks that Roger Goodell’s reported demands are ridiculous. So do many of the NFL’s players, who discussed the topic with ESPN…

Raiders linebacker NaVorro Bowman said, “None of the players receive any of those type of compensations, and if a guy that’s not suiting up can demand those type of things, then I feel like the players should be able to demand those type of things and make as much money as a guy that’s not playing in the NFL.”

“He wants guaranteed contracts. Think about the players and theirs also. He wants lifetime medical. Think about the players and theirs also. The jet, he can have that one. I couldn’t care less. I can fly Southwest or Delta,” said Steelers player representative Ramon Foster.

Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin echoed that sentiment, “Lifetime health insurance? And you don’t even play and we play and we can’t even get lifetime health insurance? Come on, man. If I’m him, I’m obviously trying to get everything I can get. If I’m on the other side, I got to side with Jerry Jones and we got to put this on halt. Definitely is a lot of money. Fifty-million bucks. Jeez. Maybe I need to go be commissioner.”

“What do you need a private jet and health insurance for if you’re getting $50 million? To me, that makes no sense, but I guess it can’t hurt to ask for it,” said Jaguars safety Barry Church.

Not everyone was upset though. Some just thought it was funny.

For instance, Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy had this to say, “He’ll get how much: 5-0 annually? That means every year! 5-0 million. Shoot! Oh man. I might have to hug some of that money out of him. [McCoy infamously gave Goodell a giant hug in the 2010 draft and started a giant hugging spree.] I don’t really have a comment on that. But I will say this: Fifty million dollars is a lot of money, whether you get it once or every year. That’s a lot of money.”

ESPN also collected other opinions from players on the matter, including what Tom Brady thinks (hint: as usual, he doesn’t give a sh*t), but obviously, many of these players speak for several others as well.

For what it’s worth, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart denied that Goodell asked for $50 million.

Not that anyone believes him.

 Whether or not Goodell asked for that amount of money is still up for debate, but one thing is for sure, he doesn’t deserve it. The commissioner needs to take a stand against players who disrespect our country and flag and do what is right. Even still, asking for a private jet on top of $50 million dollars is a tad overboard for anybody, but I guess the man likes his luxuries. What do you think about Goodell’s demands and the player’s reactions?


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