Ex-FBI Director Comey’s Life Officially Over After His Sickest Secret Surfaces About What He Hid In New York

Whatever happened to the good old days when traitors were executed for their crimes? Nowadays things are much different, and instead of being punished for betraying the country, people in power are able to sweep it under the rug and continue serving in our government while undermining our elected President. A few months ago it was discovered that James Comey predetermined the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email by intentionally not investigating her. Now it’s time he pays for his crimes and justice is served.

Comey’s illegal escapades started last year at the Senate Judiciary Committee when he lied under oath insisting Hillary Clinton was not guilty of using her private email server to store classified and above-top-secret documents. Since then, Comey has appeared here and there making various appearances before congressional committees to discuss issues where he continually makes contradictory or false statements while under oath. He continues to defiantly disregard his position to uphold the law even when he swore an oath. Now Comey could be disbarred from being able to practice law for the rest of his life, according to a breaking report from The Washington Times.

“As such, an attorney named Ty Clevenger has filed a grievance with the New York Bar Association against Comey, where he used to serve as a U.S. attorney and still retains a license to practice law,” Conservative Tribune reported. They went on:

The heart of the issue outlined in Clevenger’s grievance is the fact that Comey testified during a Sept. 2016 hearing that he had not predetermined the outcome of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server prior to his announcement that there’d be no criminal charges in July 2016.

That assertion has since been proven false by the revelation that Comey had prepared draft statements exonerating Clinton of wrong-doing several months prior to interviewing her or more than a dozen others associated with the scandal.

This rather important discrepancy was discovered by the Senate Judiciary Committee as they looked into Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation and subsequent termination by President Donald Trump, and was noted in an August 2017 letter sent by committee chair Sen. Chuck Grassley to FBI Director Christopher Wray seeking confirmation, which while heavily redacted, was nevertheless recently produced.

“Insofar as Mr. Comey gave materially false testimony to Congress, it appears that he violated Rules 1.0(w), 3.3(a)(1), and 8.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct,” wrote Clevenger in his grievance letter to the bar’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

Clevenger’s letter also sought to renew prior grievances he had filed against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the potential pressure and interference she exerted on Comey over the investigation and alleged destruction of evidence in the case, such as laptops possessed by Clinton associates.

Clevenger has also filed a separate grievance with the Maryland state bar and got a Circuit Court judge to order the association to open an investigation into three of those Clinton associates — David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — who are alleged to have deleted emails and destroyed their laptops which contained pertinent information regarding Clinton’s email scandal, according to Zero Hedge.

Comey is just one of the many crooked politicians who have been getting away with crimes for years now. We all know how much trouble Hillary Clinton should be in right now for her role in numerous scandals and disasters including the infamous Bhengazi disaster and the Uranium One fiasco. The FBI confirmed that Hillary worked a scheme with the Russians to transfer 20% of our country’s uranium to Vladimir Putin’s companies in the United States in exchange for a major donation to her Clinton Foundation for $145 million.

The evidence against Hillary Clinton has been overwhelming, and it’s amazing that she is still a free woman. She took advantage of her power at every turn and betrayed the American people on numerous occasions. The Russian scandal should be more than enough to lock her away for good but thanks to people like James Comey blocking justice, she’s been able to get away with her crimes for years.

It’s time that these traitors pay the price for their betrayal. Both Hillary and Comey should be in jail for a long time. What do you think? Share this story.

H/T [The Washington Times, Prissy Holly via Freedom DailyZero Hedge]

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