Georgia Cops Force Father To Decapitate His Dog Or Face Jail For 1 Infuriating Reason

Acts of over reach and brutality by police are rare, but they do happen. No one is arguing that at all. With the recent few years of protests and angry riots started by the Black Lives Matter organization, it is very apparent that all sides most times are biased and many times untruthful about the reasoning or intent for such protests. This report of police utilizing their authority in a horrible and unlawful way is very true and quite disturbing.

A Georgia man was recently forced by the Crawford Country Sheriff’s department to literally cut the head off of his own dog after it bit a neighbor. It is not clear why the neighbor was bit, but officers arrived and shot the dog before an investigation was even conducted.

Most animal attack cases in ANY state start off with statements and a seizure of the dog for evaluation of possible aggression or disease, and many times the dog is released back to the owners I nothing is found. Some states have a law that makes it automatic for the animal to be put down if it bites a human. All of that is understandable, but what happened to Joe Goodwin is neither understandable nor legal or ethical in ANY state.

Goodwin’s dog was shot on site by the responding officer and when the same officer demanded that Goodwin himself physically cut off the dogs head for it to be sent in and tested for rabies (which there seemed to have been NO signs of). Goodwin refused and a verbal altercation ensued. A detective was called to the scene and he threatened to arrest Goodwin ( on what charge is not clear) if he did not do as the original officer demanded.

Georgia law indicates that a dog suspected of having rabies does in fact have to be decapitated for testing but nowhere in that law does it state that the owner is the one responsible for such an act of inhumanity while his pet lay dead in his front yard. Sadly, Goodwin did remove his dog’s head and he posted video of the entire situation to outline how horrid these officers are.

According to Info Wars :

A Georgia man was ordered last week to cut his own dog’s head off after police shot it dead.

Crawford County resident Joe Nathan Goodwin posted videos to Facebook Friday showing an altercation with sheriff’s deputies, who tell him to remove the dog’s head, or face arrest.

Goodwin says police showed up and shot his dog after it bit his neighbor.
Police then ordered Goodwin to cut the dog’s head off for it be submitted for rabies testing.

“I’ll tell you what,” one officer says, “I will take you to jail and charge you and we’ll see how much the law…”

“Charge me with what?” Goodwin asks. “With what? You’ll make up the charges?”

“When I get there I’ll give you the charges,” the officer responds.

In one horrific video, Goodwin proceeds to cut the dog’s head as ordered by police.
The video showing Goodwin conducting the act was flagged by Facebook for containing “graphic violence or gore,” but it is still available at the following link (viewer discretion strongly advised):

“This was very traumatic for the kids and I,” Goodwin stated.

On Facebook, Goodwin said he wanted his story shared because “I just don’t want this to happen again to any other person.”

Outraged commenters urged Goodwin to seek a lawyer, with at least one attorney offering legal help.

While it’s unclear why the officer initially shot the dog, the Georgia Rabies Control manual indicates an animal’s head should be removed and sent for testing if it is suspected of having rabies, however it does not specify who should perform the procedure, only that protective gear should be worn, and that “Local veterinarians or trained animal control personnel can assist in this removal.”

Follow-up posts on Facebook Monday claimed Goodwin had been banned from commenting or posting on the platform for three days with no indication why, as he reported he would be interviewed by CBS affiliate 13WMAZ.

While BLM is supposedly all about fighting police brutality, they seem to not give one bit of care about this type of situation. I guess if Goodwin had been a dope dealer trying to kill good cops and had gotten killed for it they would be all over the story.

The country is full of amazing officers doing a job no one can even imagine. These Georgia sheriff’s deputies are not those kind of cops and should be punished for their horrible acts of inhumanity against Mr. Goodwin.

H/T [ Info Wars , The Free Thought Project ]


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