Google, Twitter, and Facebook HORRIFIED At What The US Senate Just Revealed About Trump

For over a year, we have heard that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election and was a major reason why Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a landslide. Democrats could not wrap their heads around the fact that the American people preferred a candidate who was more transparent and honest, so they began playing dirty in order to delegitimize Trump’s election.

Even the mainstream media jumped on board and began pushing the false narrative that Russia interfered with the elections and many people actually believed them despite there being not a shred of evidence against Trump and the Russians. The US Senate Intelligence Committee sought out answers in order to get to the bottom of the situation. What they turned up was not what Democrats were hoping for.

According to The Free Thought Project:

Twitter, Facebook, and Google had a hard time providing evidence of “Russian meddling” on social media, transcripts from the US Senate show. However, they did shockingly reveal that RT America had purchased ads aimed at Americans.

On Friday, the US Senate Intelligence Committee released answers provided by Twitter, Facebook, and Google in response to questions concerning Russia’s alleged meddlesome use of social media in the devious pursuit of uprooting American democracy.

The Senate’s questions included breathless demands that the tech giants explain why Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are “allowed” to use their services, as well as more mundane requests, such as asking Google if it can confirm crackpot rumors spread by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. However, it turns out the questions were considerably more sensational and accusatory than the tech giants’ responses, which in some cases even raised doubts about the narratives being promoted by the US government and media outlets.

Facebook can’t trace ‘Russian disinformation campaign’

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia asked Facebook if it could confirm that it was “alerted” by Ukrainian activists and politicians about Russian trolls peddling disinformation on its platform. Unfortunately, Facebook’s response rained on Warner’s anti-Russia parade.

The social media giant explained that most of the “disinformation” reported by Ukrainians was nothing more than Russians calling Ukrainians “khokhol” (a common derogatory term). Facebook also said it received reports of Ukrainians calling Russians “moskal” (another mundane ethnic slur). In some cases, the slurs were deemed hate speech and removed, in accordance with the site’s Community Standards. Facebook was apparently unable to recall any other “Russian misinformation” reported by Ukrainian authorities.

Google questions ‘Ukrainian artillery hack’

In one of many Russia-gate Hail Marys lobbed by Tom Cotton, the Intelligence Committee pressed Google to comment on reports that Russia used malware implanted on Android devices to track Ukrainian artillery units, suggesting that “Russia is not only using your platforms to influence elections, but to gain an advantage on the front lines of a battlefield.”

The question backfired spectacularly, with Google responding: “We are aware of this report and we, although [sic] with others in the industry, have questioned its accuracy.”

The company cited, as one example, that the alleged malware at issue was never distributed through Google’s Play Store.

Scroll on, Russia’s not targeting your FB

Senator Kamala Harris was interested to learn about the types of targeting criteria – “such as demographic, behavioral, lookalike, or email matching” – allegedly used by Russia for its “information operations.” Again, Google’s response did not exactly launch a thousand ships.

“$4,700 of ads attributable to suspected state-sponsored Russian actors were not narrowly targeted to specific groups of users: for example, we found no evidence of targeting by geography (e.g. certain states) or by users’ inferred political preferences (e.g. right or left-leaning),” Google responded. The company added that it was “unaware of any inauthentic accounts linked to Russian information operations flagged by our users.”

The truth is there was never collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Hillary lost because the people see through her lies. There is just too much out there proving Clinton is nothing but a snake and a liar. The FISA memo is sure to shine a light on many of these issues and prove once and for all that the FBI allowed Hillary to get away with her infamous email scandal. The Democrats are desperate to find dirt on Donald Trump before he exposes them for the criminals they are. It’s time to put this witchhunt to rest and stand behind our President as he tries to clean up the mess left by Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Deep State.

H/T The Free Thought Project



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