Government Now Pushing Ingestible Tracking Device, What It Monitors Is Terrifying And Worse Than a Microchip

The one thing that many Americans have feared and stringently protested over the years is micro-chipping of any kind. An action that used to be laughed off by many as a mere tin-foil hat panic is now a very real probability. The action of micro-chipping was implemented recently by a Wisconsin-based company that demanded its employees participate to “make their day more convenient.” Many ignorantly went along with it, and numerous other big corporations are eager to implement this technology as “part of a new society.”

Experts have claimed that in less than a year the entire population of he United States will have a device to track them somehow implanted on their bodies.Sadly, they may be right as the FDA has recently approved a chip that is placed into medicine and tracked by a patch that patients are required to wear which is linked to a Bluetooth signal.

People seem to be highly ignorant of just how the Federal Government will be able to track every personal aspect of a person’s life by utilizing these types of violating technologies.

According to MPolitical :

With many of us gasping in horror at how people could willingly hand over all their privacy to the government for the sake of “convenience,” a startling  even more intrusive technology has just been approved by the FDA that is downright chilling. The government now has a sneaky way to track every personal aspect of your health, with the startling new pill that is now being deemed “safe” to ingest into your body.

Natural News reports:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially granted its approval for a newfangled tracking device that pharmaceutical companies can now legally manufacture into drug pills in order to monitor whether or not patients are taking all of their prescriptions.

The technology is being specifically touted as a solution to the problem of psychiatric patients who forget to take their medicines, which could result in them committing violent acts toward themselves or others. But the privacy implications of adding tiny microchips to medications that people take every day are a major concern, even as the FDA proceeds with fast-tracking their use in pharmaceuticals.

Branded under the name of “MyCite,” these chips are already being used in Abilify aripiprazole tablets for schizophrenia. Those who suffer chronic manic episodes are being instructed to wear special patches on their arms that communicate with the chips as they make their way through patients’ bodies. Information is then transmitted via the patches to the patients’ smartphones, which can be monitored by doctors or pharmacists.

“The Abilify MyCite features a sensor the size of a grain of sand made of silicon, copper, and magnesium,” explains a report on the technology by The Verge.

“An electrical signal is activated when the sensor comes into contact with stomach acid – the sensor then passes through the body naturally. A patch the patient wears on their left rib cage receives the signal several minutes after the pill is ingested. The patch then sends data like the time the pill was taken and the dosage to a smartphone app over Bluetooth.”

Alarming, right? Well get ready because it doesn’t stop there. With these tracking devices now in your medication, the government can now track your activity level, sleeping pattern, and other lifestyle habits. Private information and data about your health that was previously only available to your doctor will now be floating around in cyber space some where, vulnerable for hackers to exploit this information for “nefarious purposes, presenting vulnerabilities similar to those inherent in electronic medical records systems,” one expert quipped.

Natural News went on to expose how this is a slippery slope towards total government control over the population being under the guise of “modern medicine.” And what happens if this becomes a mandatory infringement on our privacy? They went on:

And what’s to stop the drug industry from implementing tracking chips in medications other than just those used for psychiatric treatment? Back in 2010, drug giant Novartis introduced a “smart pill” technology similar to the one being used for schizophrenics – except that it was presented as a ubiquitous tracking technology for use in all types of pharmaceuticals.

It’s a slippery slope towards total government control over the population via “modern medicine,” and a type of control that could be used to force medications on unwilling recipients. Hypothetically speaking, imagine if some government agency were to suddenly suggest that everyone needs to be taking lithium in order to calm them down and help prevent mass shootings? Tracking technology in pharmaceuticals could potentially be used to enforce compliance with such a mandate.

“What is the government’s obsession with keeping the people doped up? Complacency, perhaps?” asks Mac Slavo of “…[T]racking pills will be a step towards punishing patients who don’t comply with either medical or government demands to take drugs,” he adds, citing a Harvard Medical School professor who similarly warned that while digital pills have the potential to improve public health, they could also “foster more mistrust instead of trust.”

What’s even more disturbing is we do not know the long-term side effects of having these types of devices in our bodies. But this intrusion to our privacy was all started under Barack Hussein Obama, who trampled on our rights to privacy with what he sneaked into House Bill H.R. 4872, which “under the National Medical Device Registry on page 1014, allowed it as an implantable Class II device,” Freedom Daily previously reported.

“The RFID microchip allows the government to see our motion, control our food and manage our money. Some experts even speculate that this incredibly small device can kill the person which carries it,” according to Health Fit Point.

“This slipped through the government by being buried over 1000 pages into a bill, which was likely intentional. It’s stalker level 2000 to put something in people’s bodies and watch, study, and use everything they do,“ Journalist Amanda Shea pointed out

This is extremely unsettling and the only thing left is to enforce compliance with these devices in the form of a mandate. If you don’t think that would ever happen, think again. 

“You might think that it’s just not possible that they require things like this of us, but if you’ll recall things like drivers licenses and social security numbers weren’t required at one time, but it’s basically impossible to function without them now,” we previously pointed out. “Maybe they won’t be able to pass a law that straps your hand down and implants you, but if big brother wants to track you with an implant, trust me, they’ll make it to where you are completely incapacitated without one.”

Every freedom we think we have will be at risk. Everything we do will be right there at the tip of a finger to see and follow. The wide-spread implications of this technology being forced in one way or another on society are mind-boggling and without end. This move with medications has to be one of the biggest rights violations this country has ever seen and the outrage that it deserves is eerily non-existent.

Society has been fed the bull for so long they are eating it up now as if their lives depend on it, and in reality our lives depend on the exact opposite. No mater how advanced a society becomes, basic freedoms should never be infringed upon and this literally erases all basic human rights.


H/T [ MPolitical , Natural News , Health Fit Point ]


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