Grandpa Teaches Cocky Millennial Lesson On Respect After Throwing Brain-Damaging Right Hook

Whatever happened to the old saying “respect your elders?” Now, the younger generations run around like a bunch of idiots attacking our elders all for a laugh. These attacks are done in such a way that most people don’t even expect it. The end result can leave the victims extremely injured. But what happens when the chosen victim turns out to have a mean right hook? One thug found out the hard way after challenging an elderly man who had no problem holding his own in a fight.

According to The Daily Caller:

An elderly man knocked out a much younger man in mutual combat, a video posted to LiveLeak Thursday shows.

“I’m gonna hurt ya,” the older man warns his challenger before the fight.

And hurt him he did.

All it takes is one punch and the other dude is on the ground.

As the cameraman astutely observed, the challenger was in fact “knocked the f*** out.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of watching low-resolution street fights on the internet, it’s that old guys hit like Mack Trucks. This video is just further proof of that fact.

It makes sense when you think about it. Back when I was in Boy Scouts, they wouldn’t let us play dodgeball because it was too rough.

When this elderly gentleman was a teenager they probably had fights just for fun.

I know which generation I’d bet on in a fight, and it’s not my own.

The attack shown above didn’t quite go as planned for the attacker, and he got what he deserved. The thug may have been the victim here, but oftentimes the end result leaves the chosen victim knocked out cold. The attempted attack shown above is similar to the “Knockout Game.” Those who participate in the knockout game put everyone they target at a very high risk for serious injury or even death.

The “Knockout Game” is one of the names given by news media and others to assaults in which one person attempt to “knock out” with a single sucker-punch an unsuspecting victim. The assaults have similarities to the happy slapping trend seen in Europe in which camera phones are used to record assaults.

Serious injuries and even deaths have been attributed to the knockout game. Some news sources report that there was an escalation of such attacks in late 2013, and in some cases, the attacker was charged with a hate crime. Other media analysts have cast doubt on the reportedly widespread nature of the game and have labeled the trend, although not the attacks themselves, a myth.

According to Reuters: 

The “knockout game,” as it has been reported, works like this: Teens punch a stranger, hoping to send the victim into unconsciousness with a single blow, generally while being filmed for posting on social media.

No statistics exist on the frequency of such attacks, and it is unclear how they differ from regular street crime that pervades urban life, but media outlets across the country have reported instances of the vicious assaults.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, at a press conference on Monday, discussed the numerous random attacks by teens – but he steered clear of calling them a trend.

When a reporter asked a question using the term “knockout game,” Nutter said, “It’s an assault. An assault is an assault is an assault. I‘m not going to get into word games.”

After the press conference, a reporter asked Nutter why he would not use the term “knockout game.”

“I‘m not giving it any credibility,” Nutter said. “I want to make sure it doesn’t become a trend.”

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also declined to label a rash of attacks, mostly in Brooklyn, as “knockout game” enactments out of concern for copycat attacks.

Many of the assaults are being investigated as possible hate crimes because they involve Jewish victims, including one at midday Monday when a 72-year-old woman was punched in the back of the head by a black man in his 20s who fled without taking her belongings, police said.

Nutter and Kelly both could have good reason to avoid lumping the crimes together as a sick trend. In the summer of 2012, Philadelphia officials began enforcing a juvenile curfew after the eruption of so-called flash mobs, in which large groups of teens gathered in public places and launched attacks on pedestrians.

While the old man was able to defend himself successfully this time, oftentimes the victim is left badly beaten. Fortunately, the elderly man was strong and able, but the video just goes to show how badly we have fallen as a society. What do you think?

H/T Daily Caller, Wikipedia, Reuters


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