Hillary In Deeper Crap After Investigators Just Learned What Else She Was Hiding

Hillary Clinton, who is likely the most corrupt Presidential candidate to ever grace the ballot continues to be at the center of one of the largest political scandals in the history of the United States. Never far from controversy, the former Secretary of State is the epitome of what most Americans hate about the political establishment in Washington D.C. While she was a Presidential candidate, her campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee funded the now debunked Fusion GPS Trump dossier along with emails proving the DNC primary was rigged in her favor, and now additional emails released three days ago show that Hillary Clinton knew of the security risks to her private email server despite her claiming otherwise.

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group obtained these recently revealed emails via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, and they clearly demonstrate that not only did Hillary Clinton have knowledge of security risks associated with her email server, but the emails also show three additional instances where classified information was transmitted.

During one of the many times she was questioned on the matter, Hillary Clinton stated she never stopped to think about her email system or the risks it might present to national security. However, in an email from June 6th, 2011, Justin Cooper, who was an aide to former President Bill Clinton, sent an email to Hillary Clinton stating that, “All of your older messages will remain on the server. There is a way for me to move everything onto the new device, but the security whizzes have convinced me that this is a horrible thing to do because you also transfer any viruses, spyware and junk overseas providers hide on there.” Justin Cooper is the same person who asked Bryan Pagliano, the IT specialist from the State Department, to set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Hillary Clinton has been contradicted numerous times in reference to her use of a private email server and the transmission of classified information. In an interview with NBC News from 2015, she said she wished she had “made a different choice,” yet she clearly was aware of one from 2011 despite claiming the contrary. The emails, which Judicial Watch obtained, clearly show Hillary Clinton was aware of the security risks as well as the other options she had in setting up her email system when she became the Secretary of State.

Adding credence to her first hand knowledge of the security risks posed by her private email server, Hillary Clinton paid Bryan Pagliano with her personal funds to maintain her now proven flawed email system. The Washington Post reported on this fact back in September of 2015, saying, “Hillary Rodham Clinton and her family personally paid a State Department staffer to maintain the private e-mail server she used while heading the agency, according to an official from Clinton’s presidential campaign.” At the time, her campaign tried to explain that this was all done to save the taxpayers’ money, but it seems the move was done in an effort to conceal nefarious activity conducted by Hillary Clinton and her staff.

On three documented occasions, between September 2009 and March 2012, Hillary Clinton discussed in some form, or was made aware of the issues with her private email server. Those emails, which were released by Judicial Watch, can be viewed below.

Email dated: September 29th, 2012

Email dated: August 31st, 2011

Email dated: March 18th, 2012

Further contradicted her claims, that she never sent or received classified information to unauthorized parties, the emails obtained by Judicial Watch also show that Hillary Clinton sent classified information to her husbands aide, Justin Cooper, who lacked the proper security clearance to view such information. This in and of its self is a crime, which Hillary Clinton could likely be prosecuted for. Hillary Clinton forwarded classified information to Mr. Cooper on at least two other occasions, one in which Hillary Clinton was discussing Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, and the other concerning a matter Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

This confirmed news of Hillary Clinton’s knowledge of the security risks posed by her private email server come on the heels of House Republicans viewing a classified memorandum which seems to indicate that the Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and perhaps Hillary Clinton herself committed FISA violations in an effort to conduct surveillance on then candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.

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