Hillary Serves Up Nasty Thanksgiving “Gift” For Obama On Live TV

Hillary Clinton has been on the blame game tour since she lost to President Trump, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Her newest target to place her crosshairs of blame on is none other than the man who campaigned harder for her than anyone, Barrack Obama! That’s right, her buddy in political crime and the former dictator, um, I mean President, is apparently to blame for her failings along with everything else she has already claimed to have made her lose.

Clinton recently decided that it would be a great idea to not only blame Obama, but to do it during an interview on a CONSERVATIVE radio show ran by a conservative host just two days before Thanksgiving Her accusation? Obama made it hard for her to “put forth an agenda for change.” Did you catch that? I did. Didn’t Obama run on an agenda for change to begin with?

Well that just became a bit awkward, didn’t it?

According to the Western Journal :

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a long list of things and people she has blamed for her loss in the 2016 presidential election. Now, she is also blaming former President Barack Obama.

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt released on Tuesday, Clinton said Obama’s eight years made it difficult for her to “put forth an agenda for change.”

“It is true that when you run to succeed a two-term president of your own party, you have a historical headwind blowing against you,” Clinton said.

“It’s not just this campaign can be set apart from everything that’s ever happened in our politics. It is a challenge,” she added.

Obama endorsed Clinton for president after she effectively clinched the Democrat nomination, and went on to campaign for her across the country.

Clinton’s comments were even more notable when considering she appeared on a conservative radio show to blame Obama for making it more difficult for her to win the election.

Nevertheless, she maintained that she had a hard time projecting authenticity and differentiating herself from Obama to voters across the country.

“If you are both the candidate defending a lot of the areas of agreement, but also putting forth an agenda for change, which is what I tried to do, it is often difficult to get the second part of that message through,” Clinton said.

She continued: “So, I do think it was a problem.“

Hewitt also pressed Clinton on whether she “hit back too hard at legitimate critics and questions,” noting that she largely refused to acknowledge that many people took issue with her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

“I did think that I had to be careful in public, and probably I did have my guard up too much,” Clinton said. “Those days are over.”

Clinton went on to say that she didn’t agree with everything Obama did while he was in office.

“I did not agree with everything that President Obama decided, but on balance, I really think he did what had to be done,” she said.

Clinton also found time during the interview to criticize President Donald Trump.

“I’ve said a few times that this was the first reality TV campaign. My opponent was the first reality TV candidate, and I was, for better or worse, the candidate of reality,” Clinton said.

“And I think it was a shortcoming of the campaign that the work that I’ve done my entire life, the passion I feel for helping people, the record that I have of doing just that, never really could break through.

Even on Thanksgiving this woman just can not let things go. Hillary Clinton has to be the biggest cry baby of them all. Never could the free world have imagined that a year later and on a holiday meant to be a day of thankfulness that anyone could be sad and pathetic enough to spend her time on a radio show continuing to blame everyone but herself for her failings.

What is this world coming to? It is time to suck it up Hillary, because no one really cares who you blame, we all know you lost because you are a terrible person. End of story.

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