Homeless Hero Who Received More Than 370K In Donations Makes Unexpected Announcement With How He’ll Use Money

Stories of selfless giving and inspiring moments are far and few between. Every once in a blue moon however we are blessed to see a story that has nothing but the most amazing updates. Imagine living under a bridge and not knowing where your next meal is going to come from one day, and then the next you are able to financially start your entire life over again all because you reached out and helped someone in a small way without thinking about it.

That is essentially what happened to Marine Veteran Johnny Bobbitt.

Veteran AF reported recently that a homeless Marine vet was given a second chance with a boost when he gave a woman who ran out of gas in an unsafe area. Johnny Bobbitt had nothing more to offer than his last $20, and instead of worrying about himself he gave Katy McClure a chance to get to safety.

The latest update of this amazing story is more than Johnny could have ever imagined. the GoFundMe account is now well over $375,000, and once again he is wanting to worry about others before himself.

According to WQAD :

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania– When Johnny Bobbitt, 34, used his last $20 to save a woman stuck on the side of a Philadelphia expressway two months ago, he didn’t expect anything in return. Now, the homeless man is being called a hero and is being helped by thousands.

“I was driving down I-95 and ran out of gas,” Kate McClure, 27, recalls. “So I pulled over to the side of the road. He walked up, and he said, ‘Get back in the car. Lock the doors. I’ll be back.'”

“I got her gas to get her back on her way,” Bobbitt flatly says. “I wasn’t expecting anything in return.”

“Me and my boyfriend went back the next day. He gave him $100,” McClure says.
Bobbitt jumps in. “I was ecstatic!” Ecstatic over $100. Sunday, November 26th, a GoFundMe page created by Kate has raised more than $375,000 and counting for the former-Marine, who less than a week ago was sleeping under a bridge.

Now, he’s been given what he calls a second chance.

“Of course I want to change my life,” Bobbitt says. “I want to give a lot of it away.”
Bobbitt will use some of it on himself, though. He plans to buy a house. “There won’t be no brand new car,” he quips. He’ll buy used, which he calls “smarter.”

To date, more than 12,000 people have donated to help Bobbitt get back on his feet. He says he feels like he just won the lottery and is ready for a fresh start.

Donations are still being accepted on the GoFundMe for Bobbitt. To make a donation, click here.
Once a hero, always a hero, and this Marine Veteran is holding true to his oath to help and serve others regardless of his own circumstances. This story is truly one to continue keeping an eye on, because it will surely be one to continue to grow and progress into something absolutely amazing.

Bobbitt seems to have an amazing plan under his hat and I think that many people who are suffering right now will soon be blessed by this man in ways they could never imagine. Katy McClure is a hero in her own right and deserves to be recognized as such. She merely wanted to give back to the man that helped her and she accomplished so much more.

This duo may become somewhat of a storm if they choose to continue their path of helping, and maybe many more will use this story as a platform for how we should all carry ourselves in daily life. This is one holiday season that Bobbitt surely will never forget.

Our veterans need us, and there are hundreds more out there in the streets with no one and nothing to turn to other than pain and sadness. Maybe if you see someone on the streets that are in need of even someone to talk to, stop and say hello. You never know who they are or how they may change your life. We all mean something to someone, even if we have not met each other yet.



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