Intel Just Released Proves Chilling Way America Is Being ACTIVELY INVADED Behind Our Backs

If you are a liberal who is hell-bent on over-populating America with immigrants of all kinds, you may enjoy the news that DACA is much more than anyone originally thought. If you are a logical conservative who wants to see our country thrive on a healthy and regulated immigration policy that provides less to those undeserving and more to actual citizens whether born here or here legally, then be prepared to be highly disappointed. The so-called “dream act” appears to only be afforded to dreamers with an agenda to force a literal population takeover of America by becoming what is called a “chain migration” that would flood our country from sea to shining sea with those who quite often consume and abuse welfare systems and financially bankrupt countries.

The kicker is that the chain part pertains to the SIX family members that each immigrant is permitted to bring and they will be covered under their station as a DACA resident. That would literally fill our country to almost three times our own population.

According to Breitbart :

The Democrats’ draft Dream Act amnesty would likely add as many chain-migration foreigners to the United States population as are added by the total number of Americans who are born in four years’ time.

As House and Senate Republicans, Democrats, the big business lobby, the cheap labor industry, and the open borders lobby have teamed up to push an amnesty for potentially millions of illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible for the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the impact the move would have on Americans would be likely unprecedented.

What’s equally as chilling is it was revealed that this massive immigration is being done to purposefully bring our country to her knees. Recently, a transcript former Democratic Governor Richard D. Lamm was released in 2004, where Lamm revealed liberals’ sinister 7-step plan to destroy America. One of the key facets of their unbelievable plan is through massive immigration.


Plot To Destroy America

This is really disturbing! What's happening to our country is NOT by accident!

Posted by Veteran AF on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Under the current legal immigration system, immigrants who are given a pathway to U.S. citizenship are eventually allowed to bring extended family members, children, their parents, siblings, and extended family members to the country. This process, which makes up more than 70 percent of the current legal immigration, is what’s known as “chain migration.”

Research by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) reveals that under a DACA amnesty deal, between about 800,000 and 3.5 million illegal aliens could be eligible for legalization to permanently remain in the U.S. Of those, MPI notes that 1.5 million of the estimated 3.5 million would be allowed to obtain U.S. citizenship.

According to Princeton University researchers Stacie Carr and Marta Tienda, newly naturalized Mexican immigrants in the U.S. bring an average of six foreign relatives with them. Therefore, should all 1.5 million amnestied illegal aliens bring six relatives each to the U.S., that would constitute a total chain migration of nine million new foreign nationals entering the U.S.

If the number of amnestied illegal aliens who gained a pathway to citizenship under an amnesty plan were to rise to the full 3.3 million, and if each brought in three to six foreign family members, the chain migration flow could range from 9.9 million to 19.8 million foreign nationals coming to the U.S.

This chain migration flow triggered by a DACA amnesty — where an end to chain migration is not coupled with the plan — would be more than double the number of babies born in the U.S. every single year, which stands at about four million a year. Should a DACA amnesty trigger a chain migration flow of 19 million foreign nationals, it would be more than quadruple the number of American births every year.

The chain migration of a DACA amnesty would potentially outpace the populations of American cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.

Such a chain migration would boom the number of foreign-born residents in the U.S. to a historic high.

Currently, the foreign-born population is already at historic levels, reaching 44 million this year with no end in sight as legal immigration reductions to give relief to America’s working and middle-classes are stalled in Congress.

Trump has previously stated that an amnesty deal for DACA illegal aliens would have to include an end on chain migration in order to stop surges of legal immigration to the U.S., though it remains unclear how many Republicans would be willing to break from their big business donors to help pass a law to end chain migration.

Most recently, a group of Senators released legislation known as the SECURE Act that would end chain migration — thus reducing legal immigration to 500,000 admissions a year to give relief to Americans — but couples the pro-American immigration reform with an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

Nearly 120,000 foreign nationals have been allowed to enter the U.S. since 2005, despite coming from countries designated as state-sponsors of terrorism, including Iran, Syria and Sudan, Breitbart News reported.

In total, about 9.3 million foreign nationals have entered the U.S. since 2005 because of chain migration, making it the largest driver of legal immigration to the country.

As Breitbart News reported, chain migration makes up more than 70 percent of all legal immigration — with every two new immigrants bringing seven foreign relatives with them.

Don’t think it is really possible? Watch this eye-opening video:

While so many are acting angry over the “shithole” comment that wasn’t even said by our President, take a moment to think about the implications of millions of citizens of those specific type of countries coming into our country. Why did they run from their own countries, to begin with? I can tell you why, they live in shitholes, and they will have no more regard or respect for our country then they did for their own.

This type of an infiltration is part of a highly planned and staged agenda to bring America to its knees so that it can be claimed that to fix it we must succumb to a communistic reign for the “good of the people.”

Just look at Europe, Australia, and any other area where a mass influx of “immigrants” and “refugees” has literally taken over. California for that matter, one of our own states, has become such a filthy SHITHOLE that most won’t travel there for vacations like they used to which in turn kills the economy. Tent cities are lining the streets in front of Bay area mansions. It is simple really, mass immigration comes with a plan and consequences that no country can survive. Do you want that in full force in America?

Ready or not, it’s coming if the Democrats aren’t stopped.

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