ISIS Releases 2nd Clue To Planned “Christmas Massacre” With Chilling Photo Of Major American City

Threats are nothing new for America, but it never stops being concerning when the Islamic State throws threatening propaganda at us on holidays. This year however, the terror group has gone above and beyond with their digital barrage of threat messages. Thankfully, many cyber intelligence groups have stepped up to intercept these horrid messages.

Paris and London have already been targeted and threatened and hopefully they are doing all they can to prevent a horrific attack through the holiday season. The Vatican also made the list, ironically seeing as how the Pope seems to want to embrace all things Islamic.

More recently, however, New York has once again become the target of the Islamic States hate-filled defiling of our Christmas season with a graphic message of their planned carnage.

According to The Western Journal :

The latest in a wave of propaganda posters released by the Islamic State terror group hits close to home.

The poster, which was released Monday, directed its attention — and sinister message — to the inhabitants and visitors of New York City.

The image depicts Santa leaving explosives in Times Square, and was captioned with the message: “We meet at Christmas in New York … soon.”

Though dire warnings from the terror group are nothing new, this one comes as part of a recent wave of threats against multiple locations in Europe, including the U.K. and the Vatican.

As The Western Journal reported, threats against Pope Francis were shared with followers of the extremist group, calling for “Christmas Blood” at the Vatican.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, terrorists have been using “encrypted communication channels have been sharing posters of London’s Regent Street decked out in Christmas lights, and Paris’ Eiffel Tower with a Christmas markets (sic) in the foreground.”

The threat directed at London is captioned with the phrase, “Soon on your holidays.” It was intercepted by BlackOps Cyber, a darknet intelligence agency, The Epoch Times reported.

And, though the image of the hooded figure on a London street threatened of an impending attack, the agency claimed it was the “first time they had seen this particular image.”
The agency quickly screen-grabbed the image from a group chat known as “Army of Mujahideen.”

However, sources point to the image itself as originating from “Almani,” a username related to a “now-banned Twitter profile under the same name, which had as its biography ‘Explosives warehouse official.’”

The capture of the image came in the aftermath of recent arrests made last week in Germany, where six alleged ISIS plotters were believed to be “plotting an assault on a Christmas market,” according to The New York Times.

The arrests of the plotters, all of whom were originally from Syria, had only fanned “fears that extremists posing as refugees were targeting Europe,” The Times reported.

It is suggested that all six were arrested on charges of plotting an attack “involving weapons or explosives” to be used around the time of the anniversary of last year’s attacks in Germany, which left 12 dead after a truck — driven by an Islamic State-inspired terrorist — plowed into Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas market.

Authorities have called for an added measure of vigilance during the festivities this year, with cities across Germany working to install “concrete barriers around markets and to increase police presence.”

However, The Epoch Times suggested every country remain vigilant due to the fact that images obtained had been posted with text in English, French and German, indicating that “terror cells in France and the UK are still active.”

Whether or not these threats come to any kind of fruition or they are thwarted by law enforcement, the world should really wake up to the amount of serious threats that radical Islamists spew at the western world and all we believe in.

I pray these threats come to nothing, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May God see fit to bless us with a peaceful holiday.

H/T [ Western Journal , PJ Media , UK Daily Mail ]


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