John McCain Issues Anti-American Order To Newly Commissioned Officers About What They Should Do To President Trump

Senator John McCain has never been a fan of President Trump, and his past actions to subvert the President are well documented. Most notably it was revealed that Senator McCain had a hand in creating the fake Russian dossier which Democrats manufactured to destroy President Trump. Add in that Senator McCain is the source of multiple leaks to the liberal media, effectively stopped the Obamacare repeal, and has openly collaborated with the like of George Soros, Senator McCain is a savior to the left.

Now Senator McCain has attacked President Trump during his commencement speech in front of the U.S. Naval Academy this week. His comments were borderline treason, and though outrageous, not surprising coming from a man who is a failed Presidential candidate and a traitor to America.

Rather than use the time to encourage these young Naval officers, Senator McCain used his time to politically grandstand. “McCain said that as a “statesman,” he had concluded that “the American example and American leadership are indispensable to securing a peaceful and prosperous future” and that “there could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation — no more ‘America First.’

This “not putting America first” mantra is why the establishment lost to Donald Trump. The American people were tired of being taken advantage of and abused all in the name of furthering a globalist agenda. These new Naval officers joined the military because they put America first, and are willing to make sacrifices for this principle. Senator McCain apparently forgot this fundamental fact, and it is likely that his commencement speech did not bode well with these newly commissioned Naval Officers.

Senator McCain’s track record in the United States Navy is not something to be proud of. On July 31st, 1967, McCain was responsible for killing 134 of his fellow sailors on the USS Forrestal. As reported by Prissy Holly from Freedom Daily, “According to eye witnesses that day, whose accounts were predictably buried by the Navy due to John McCain’s familial ties to two 4-star admirals, McCain decided to be a show off, by doing a “wet start” of his jet. This reckless maneuver makes fuel build up in the engine before the plane is started. The result is a flame erupting from the tail of the plane, that’s accompanied by a startling amount of noise. After McCain started his engine in this manner, the electrical surge of this maneuver subsequently caused the accidental launching of a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck, that hit two other parked planes that were packing 1,000-pound highly-explosive bombs.” This incident was buried by the U.S. Navy and to this day is ignored by the mainstream media.

During his time as a prisoner of war, McCain got the nickname Songbird for a reason. Several months after killing his fellow sailors on the USS Forrestal, McCain was shot down during a bombing mission over Hanoi, where he was held as a prisoner of war until 1973. During his time as a POW, he helped to bury evidence of other POW’s still being held by the Vietnamese, and he fed the Vietnamese sensitive operational information simply to save his own skin. Senator McCain would go on to use his faux honorable service to become elected as a Senator where he has remained for way too long.

While serving as a United States Senator, John McCain has been involved in a government cover-up where he worked very hard to create and sponsor legislation which kept damaging information about Vietnam POW’s secret via classified documents. In addition, during Senator McCain’s tenure, he has allowed the Veterans Affairs medical system in his state to decay into an absolute mess. John McCain did not serve honorably in the Navy, and his service in the United States Senate has been shameful.

His recent comments at this commencement speech should be no surprise to patriotic Americans who recognize Senator John McCain for what he is. What is surprising is that the leadership at the United States Naval Academy would think it appropriate to have a traitor address newly commissioned Naval Officers. John McCain does not deserve to be a Senator nor does he deserve recognition for honorable service. He is a disgrace to the United States Navy and to the American people.

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