KARMA: MOB Of Illegals Storm Chuck Schumer’s NY Home With Nasty Surprise He Never Saw Coming

Chuck Schumer and his liberal cohorts for years have pandered to minorities and fanned the flames of division with their manufactured race war. They have done their best to divide the country and went as far as to shut the government down over illegal immigrants flooding into our country. If little Chuckie Schumer thought these dreamers would be pleased with his actions in shutting the government down, he would be sorely mistaken and learned that the hard way after a group of illegals stormed his home.
Democrats always seem to think that their pandering towards minorities will ensure their votes, but that is not always the case. Schumer thought that his actions over the past weekend involving the government shutdown would ensure minorities would love him even more, but it turned out that illegal aliens were even more furious after Democrats caved and negotiated to restore government operations. He must have been completely blown away when he saw dozens of illegals demanding change in legislation involving “dreamers.”


According to Breitbart:

Dozens of illegal aliens surrounded Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home in New York on Tuesday demanding that Congress pass legislation immediately to give millions of people in the United States illegally amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

“We want a Clean Dream Act,” the crowd chanted.

“When do we want it?” they chanted.

“Now!” they chanted.

The so-called Dreamers — some of whom are recipients of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA – and potentially as many as 3.6 million illegals in all were reacting to the Senate vote on Monday to pass a Continuing Resolution funding the government until Feb. 8 that did not include any immigration amendments.

The crowd chanted in Spanish and English to Schumer; “If he won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep.”

The group that organized the protests in New York and on Capitol Hill, United We Dream, is funded by a slew of social justice and open borders organizations, including George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

United We Dream’s website announcing the New York protest reveals the group’s agenda:

Our community is outraged by the Senate vote to pass a temporary budget deal with no solution for Dreamers. Instead of holding firm for Dreamers, Senator Schumer and most Senate Democrats backed down from their commitment to stand up for our communities.

Join us outside Senator Schumer’s house to remind him: Our lives are on the line, Chuck! We need a clean Dream Act Now–not in three weeks. Now. 122 Dreamers will continue to lose their status every day, potentially losing their jobs and being put at risk of deportation. Congress can’t continue to push the lives of 800,000 youth and their families aside. Dreamers are tired of empty promises and need a legislative solution NOW!

It is past time for Senator Schumer to use his political power in Congress as the minority leader and finally bring home a clean #DreamActNow for undocumented youth, without compromising the future of their families by funding a racist wall and increased border security measures that only tear families apart.

United We Dream also tweeted their demands:

“We are not politicians we are activists and it’s our job to demand action… the #Dreamers who are going to lose their status are going to play a short game with disastrous consequences. We will call @SenSchumer every day!” – @bkindivisible #DreamActNow the tweet said.

“Our organizer Patricia says we will not stop until we have a clean Dream Act because we are ALL immigrants!” the tweet read.

Although the media speculated that Republicans might not have the 51 votes needed to pass the CR with a DACA provision, the final vote was 81-18.

Illegal aliens also stormed the offices of Senators today protesting the vote.

When will Democrats learn that these people will never be satisfied and will always want more? Chuck Schumer thought he was gaining more allies with his latest stunt in the Senate chambers, but as you can see it has only angered illegals even more who are demanding the same rights as lawful American citizens. It’s time to stop pandering to illegal immigrants and put our citizens first. When will the madness end? Share this story and spread the word.

H/T Breitbart



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