Meghan Markle Just Pissed Off The Queen and Now The Entire Royal Wedding Is In Jeopardy 

If there is one thing that gets tabloid tongues wagging, it’s the talk of a royal wedding, and with Prince Harry popping the question to American actress Meghan Markle earlier this month, those celebrity gossip columnist’s  mouths are on fire. However, while most people are thrilled with the news of the impending royal nuptials, there are rumors that Queen Elizabeth is not exactly tickled with Prince Harry’s liberal activist fiance and is looking to put a stop to the wedding altogether.

The Royal family has an image to maintain, and they are not too keen on people coming in with any intentions to create controversy. So when Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, a well-known activist, and avid anti-Trump supporter, many people wondered how this would work. The issue with Markle’s vocal liberal views goes directly against the monarchy’s policy that states members of the Royal family must “keep a dignified silence on political matters.” 

Not only has Markle refused to keep a low-key approach on her liberal views, but she has also started a wild rumor of “racism in the monarchy” that has left a bad taste in Queen Elizabeth’s mouth. According to Freedom Daily, Markle stirred the pot by stating that Princess Michael of Kent wore a “Blackmoor” brooch that the offended the sub-par actress, and further claimed that Kent wore the pin to anger the ROYAL Miracial actress.

For those who don’t know, Blackamoor is the genre of art or jewelry showing men and women with black skin.

Princess Michael of Kent found herself under fire yesterday after she wore a ‘blackamoor’ brooch to the Queen’s Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, attended by Prince Harry’s mixed race fiancée Meghan Markle

Of course Kent said that she meant no ill-will by wearing the famous brooch considering that the pin in question is hardly racist if Markle took the time to research its origins, but that did not stop Markle from creating a scandal that Queen Elizabeth would rather avoid. After that unsightly scene, the Queen reportedly pulled her grandson aside and issued an ultimatum that has caused quite a rift between the two-lovebirds.

According to OK! magazine, who is following the Royal relationship closely, Queen Elizabeth has said that Prince Harry better get a prenuptial agreement or the wedding is off.

Here is more from Your News Wire:

Referring to the report in OK!, MSN adds, “The magazine reports that Queen Elizabeth has seen ‘too many royal marriages end in divorce’ and doesn’t want her grandson to ‘take any chances with his reported $40 million fortune.’ That’s led to tension between the spouses-to-be, with a source sharing, ‘Meghan can see where the queen is coming from, but at the same time, she’s insulted that it would even cross the queen’s mind that Meghan would have an ulterior motive for marrying Harry.‘”

According to the publication, the insider claims that the actress “loves Harry, and money is the last thing on her mind.” However, it also adds that “Queen Elizabeth is nonetheless pressuring her heir to make sure the family’s money is protected,” and consequently, “that means Prince Harry and Markle are clashing over the situation.

While some question the legitimacy of unnamed “inside sources,” others confirm that Markle, who went on the record calling President Donald Trump a “misogynist,” is livid that she would have to sign a prenup and claim that staffers inside the residence allegedly added that they heard the actress “letting Harry have it.”

If Markle was smart she would sign the pre-nup and also quit the constant Trump-bashing before she finds herself tending to a broken heart.

There is a reason the Royal family is rather particular about who they allow in their inner circle. The family has to keep an appearance of neutrality since they work with whatever party is in office in England and around the world. Just because Markle and Prince Harry choose to be buddies with Barack Obama and personally identify as liberals does not mean they can publicly snub those they disagree with.

Meghan Markle just entered the big leagues, and it is time that she quits her childish antics or she will be back in the states, single and broke.

H/T [Freedom Daily]


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