Military General Goes Rogue, Reveals How Obama Encouraged Terrorists Against Americans

President Obama’s disdain for the military was never a secret, and his behavior often seemed disrespectful when addressing matters of the military and veterans. Simply take a look at the sad state of the VA health system under the Obama Administration as proof.

The Armed Forces of the United States serve without question, and follow strict guidelines when it comes to voicing opposition against a sitting President. During President Obama’s tenure, many of his decisions were questioned behind closed doors but still followed because a soldier always follows orders.

Now, U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson has voiced some interesting thoughts about President Obama and his tactical decision-making when it comes to matters of combat operations. In a nutshell, Gen. Nicholson has stated the obvious, that President Obama was very talented at providing America’s enemies with a “psychological boost.”

In a YouTube video published two weeks ago by Tea Partier, Gen. Nicholson expounds upon President Obama’s poor decision making and broadcasting to the enemy. “From 2011 to 2016, we telegraphed to the enemy that we were leaving. We drew down our forces steadily – I’d say too far and too fast – and so the enemy believed that in this contest of wills, we had lost our will.” Looking at the numbers, this claim is accurate. Between 2015 and 2016, U.S. and Allied forces lost 15% of Afghanistan’s districts to the enemy. This statistic directly coincides with President Obama’s numerous public statements about U.S. military operations and when we would be pulling out of Afghanistan.

Fast forward to present day, and President Trump has made it clear to the mainstream media he intends on beating America’s enemies into submission and will not be making specific comments on troop movements and when U.S. forces might be pulling out of Afghanistan or Iraq. President Trump is very well aware that the only way to defeat ISIS and Al-Qaeda is to keep our plans secret and wage a war that will kill anyone looking to do harm to the USA. President Obama and his administration never grasped this concept for some reason.

As proof of the military’s disdain for President Obama, a Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families Poll published in January of 2017 showed that 51.5 percent of military service members questioned, “have a very unfavorable or “somewhat unfavorable” view of President Obama’s 8-year tenure. “Only around 36 percent of respondents view the president’s tenure as “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable.”

Further supporting Gen. Nicholson’s assertion that President Obama is militarily inept, The Blaze reported that Obama reduced the size of the United States military to its smallest size since 1940. “Obama took the biggest hit when it came to the size of the military, with 71 percent of respondents saying they “strongly disapprove of the force-level cuts made during President Obama’s tenure.” According to a 2016 study, the Army has the lowest number of active-duty soldiers since 1940 as a result of a controversial Obama administration plan to shrink the force size by 40,000 troops.”

During his eight years in the Oval Office, President Obama systematically and fundamentally changed the United States military and not for the better. There are multiple stories of aircraft going unrepaired, soldiers not having the equipment they need, and ranks of service members being severely shorthanded. Then there was the mess called the VA health system. Further, during his tenure, Obama made it very clear to the Generals and senior officers working for him that he would not accept anyone that wouldn’t toe the line when it came to his leftist agenda.

Lest we not forget that it was President Obama who traded five violent terrorists who were guilty of killing U.S. service members for the traitor Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who has recently been given a dishonorable discharge, but no jail time, for leaving his post in Afghanistan and being captured by Al-Qaeda.

Combining his frequent encouragement for terrorists, sympathizing with a traitor who got honorable soldiers killed, and his multiple actions for shrinking our military, it is clear that President Obama was no friend of America.

H/T [Conservative Media, The Blaze]


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