Mom Gets Last Laugh After Her Kids Decide To Go To College And Never Call Her

Sometimes only a mom has the ability to make her children realize that they may have messed up in some way, and this mom did it in epic fashion. After three weeks of receiving no phone call from her son after he left for college, Ann Pinto McCarney took to the web to troll her son in the most embarrassing and awesome way possible.

Liam McCarney started college last month only a few hours away from his parents’ Delaware County home in Pennsylvania – but try as he might, the 18-year-old freshman just can’t seem avoid his mom.

In a video gone viral, Ann Pinto McCarney, took to Facebook on Wednesday to have a little fun while reminding her son that he definitely should call her. In the five-minute video, which had more than 93,000 views by Thursday afternoon, McCarney starts off grinning and waves into the camera, saying,

“Do you remember me? I’m your mommy. I gave birth to you.

“Well, actually, I didn’t quite give birth, I had to have a C-section to get you out. Big scar and hurt like hell. But that’s OK. Do you remember that was me that gave you life?”

If that wasn’t enough to make any child feel absolutely horrid for not calling to say hi then what came next should.

“I know my hair’s a little shorter, but I kinda still look the same, right?’ she says, adding casually: “I haven’t heard from you in a while and I thought maybe you forgot about me.”

“Remember the first two years of your life, there was this woman and you were always on her hip, you, like, never wanted to get put down?” she asks. “I’m that woman! I’m the person that always had you on her hip! Look, here’s the hip,” she adds, pointing to her left side.

“When you’re in your dorm at night, do you, like, lie there and think, ‘Wow, I wonder who fed me for the first 18 years of my life?”‘ she goes on. “Well, I don’t want to brag, but that was me. I was like, breakfast, lunch, dinner.”

She even throws in a little about Dad too.

“Daddy helped you – do you remember daddy? He’s six [feet] tall, really dark hair – a little bit gray. A little belly. He’s really funny. Do you remember him? He was a part of that too,” she says

“You know what, wait a minute,” she then says, switching gears and pulling a mock-thoughtful face.

“But you know what? This is what I do. I’m a mommy, and mommies help their kids learn. Like I taught you how to go on the potty and ride a bike. So I’m gonna teach you how to use a phone,” she offers before explaining, step by step, how to operate the smartphone that Ann and her husband bought for Liam.

“You’re gonna put it up to your ear and you’re gonna hear this ringing noise. It’s gonna sound a little strange to you because I know you haven’t heard it in a while,” she warns. “So now I know I’m gonna hear from you, especially before your mother and father have to pay the next installment for your tuition in November.”

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McCarney, ironically teaches theater and recently opened Limelight Performing Arts Center in West Chester. She said that posting funny videos to social media is something she’s done quite often — including when she was taking Liam, the second oldest of her four children, to look at colleges.
“I did a lot of videos with my son when we were on a college road trip, and they were pretty funny, because he wanted no parts of the videos,” McCarney said with a laugh. “As soon as I gave birth and got stretch marks, I figured I had a right to torture him as much as I want.”

McCarney said her son is a good sport, though. He did finally gave her a call on Thursday, the day after she posted the video.

“I had to schedule time with my busy boy. He’s a freshman,” the mom said.

McCarney said she was a “hot mess” when her two oldest kids, Liam and his older sister, left for college, and she thinks her video to Liam is getting attention because it resonates with other parents.

“He’s not the exception to the rule. He’s the norm,” the mom said. “He’s really not doing anything that 50,000 other college kids aren’t doing. Sending your child off to college is so bittersweet to begin with. There’s a combination of your heart is soaring and swelling with pride and yet it’s breaking at the same time,” she added. “So when you let them go like that, you don’t want to feel like you’ve been completely erased from their life. I think it struck a chord.”

Plus, she said that she really just enjoys joking and making people laugh. She and her husband hadn’t really been worried about their son, she said, joking that when they would text him to see how he was doing, they gathered from his “one-word answers” the he was doing well at school.

“I’m truly hoping that in college, they teach him to complete a sentence,” McCarney said, laughing.

She did admit that before her video, Liam did call his dad once in the three weeks since he went away to college—to ask him to mail his Game Boy games.

Moral of the story kids is to never go three weeks without calling home to check in. Parents get a little nervous and the internet is way too accessible for them. This mom wins the award for Best Kid Trolling of 2017 hands down.


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