Navy Seal Publicly DESTROYS Obama After Seeing What Former President Did In His State

After fostering an atmosphere of race-baiting and complete lawlessness for eight years, Obama managed to force race relations in America to tank to an all-time low. This country has never witnessed this kind of inner attack from a sitting president ever before. It has become a common occurrence to see Obama supporters take to the streets and riot like thugs simply for not getting their way. The condition of our society since Obama had his time to strangle the life out of any type of reality-based beliefs is horrendous, and it will surely take many years to bounce back from it.

For instance, back in September police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted of first-degree murder and other criminal charges from a 2011 case, and like clockwork Obama’s minions began losing their minds and crying “racism.”  Violence erupted in St. Louis, Missouri, and these so-called protesters absolutely destroyed store fronts, vehicles, and street signs, before then turning their rage to local police.  Responding officers were attacked with cement bricks. Now in the wake of another violent meltdown that Obama made clear he supported long ago,  a former Navy Seal who happens to also be the Governor of Missouri, had a scathing message just for Obama and those who seem to worship the former President.

Eric Greitens, a former Navy Seal, whose state was sadly victimized by what Obama likes to call “misunderstood” thugs, and Greitens believe there is really only one person that can be held responsible for the horrid lawlessness in our country. To make this burn a bit more, Greitens doesn’t even hesitating to call Obama out by name. Greitens uploaded a video to Facebook (that was later deemed as “unavailable” to anyone trying to watch it). The video showed how his police officers aren’t playing political correctness games anymore and are rounding up rioting thugs, refusing to allow them to run rampant while attempting to destroy the city which would have been a common occurrence while the Obama Administration was in charge.

“Our officers caught ‘em, cuffed ‘em, and threw ‘em in jail,” Greitens said.

He went on to hand out a little truth-filled rant, putting the blame of the lawlessness in Missouri straight on Obama’s shoulders saying:

“Saturday night, some criminals decided to pick up rocks and break windows. They thought they’d get away with it. They were wrong. Our officers caught ‘em, cuffed ‘em, and threw ‘em in jail.”

“In the past, our leaders let people break windows, loot, start fires. They let them do it. Not this time. Tonight, the police arrested the vandals. At this moment, they’re all sitting in a jail cell. They’re gonna wake up and face felony charges.”

“These aren’t protestors, these are criminals.”

“Criminals, listen up: you break a window, you’re going to be behind bars. It’s that simple.”

The original video that Greitens tried to post was made unavailable on Facebook, but we have found and added it here from Twitter.

Greitens makes it clear that he completely welcomes peaceful protesters, however the people trying to riot in his city are not “protesters,” they are  “criminals” who need to be handled as any other criminal would be. “I will protect people’s constitutional right to peacefully protest, but violence will not be tolerated. We will protect people’s lives, homes, and communities,” he went on to say.

Greitens wasn’t bluffing by any scope of the imagination either. His police officers arrested more than 100 rioters in one clean sweep. Greitens states that he will continue to uphold the law.

“In the past, our leaders let people break windows, loot, start fires. They let them do it. Not this time,” he said.

“Tonight, the police arrested the vandals,” he continued. “At this moment, they’re all sitting in a jail cell. They’re gonna wake up and face felony charges.”

Conservative Tribune reported:

In the past, former President Barack Obama and leaders like him sat idle and allowed these “protests” to get violent.

The Obama administration did nothing while riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, or Milwaukee, Wisconsin went untamed and cause damage and destruction to people’s homes and businesses.

After eight years of Obama siding with Black Lives Matter rioters, this governor’s reaction to looters and vandals puts the Obama administration to shame.

Police officers and Governors should have the ability to do their jobs without having to face the wrath of a race-baiting president. Obama often used any incident involving blacks to push his manufactured race war. He repeatedly sent his race-baiting officials like that of Al Sharpton to stir up trouble in racial hotbeds like Ferguson.

It is awesome to watch the very atmosphere of our country change under President Trump. America is once again becoming a country where leaders such as Greitens are not at all hesitant to uphold the law and they are doing so in epic fashion. Obama must be fuming knowing that he can not simply snap his little finger and have his supporters freely destroy cities anymore.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune, Eric Greitens ]

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