NFL Player Suing Sheriff For “Police Brutality,” Then Startling Truth Comes Out About What He Did In School Zone

Another NFL athlete has had a run-in with law enforcement and is now claiming that he was the subject of racial profiling during a traffic stop. Washington Redskins safety Su’a Cravens went on Twitter at the beginning of the week and accused the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office of racially profiling him. Su’a Cravens posted videos to his Twitter account which you can see below where Mr. Cravens uses profane language, yelling at police officers, accusing them of rough treatment, and falsely accusing him of smelling like marijuana.

According to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, Cravens was pulled over for a moving violation as well as his car having illegally tinted windows. The stop got contentious when officers claimed to smell marijuana on Cravens and started to search him, at which point Cravens started to resist officers. At some point during the stop, Cravens was able to retrieve his cell phone and record part of the encounter. The offense of Mr. Craven having illegally tinted windows is sufficient probable cause for him to be stopped, a  fact which seems to elude Mr. Craven.

Stephanie Sheaks from the Conservative Daily Post reported, “In the video recording, Cravens swears he is an “intelligent and respectful young man,” though he uses excessive profanity and verbally defies authority to advocate for Black Lives Matter. Police show no signs of using deadly force. His behavior caused police to have to detain Cravens temporarily and call for backup “for officer safety,” as he kept getting out his car after the officer repeatedly instructed him to remain inside. He also reached into in his pockets multiple times after being told not to.”

Also adding to the reason why Mr. Cravens was stopped, he was exceeding the speed limit by 14 miles per hour in a school zone. Loudon County Sheriff’s Office is denying the claims that racial profiling was the cause of this stop. Rather they are citing the violation of the speed limit, and the illegally tinted windows. Funny how those facts are missing from “Suzy’s” twitter posts. Officers were simply interested in enforcing the law, and ensuring the school zone speed limit was being followed. Looking at the encounter objectively, it seems more likely that Mr. Cravens escalated the situation for his own personal benefit.

In an official statement released by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, they stated that “This traffic stop was not a case of racial profiling. Additionally, the LCSO has not received any formal complaints regarding this matter and it would be inappropriate to comment further regarding any allegations and involving a pending court case.” To date, Mr. Cravens has not followed through on his threats to sue LCSO and the officers involved in the stop.

Examining other recent events concerning Su’a Cravens behavior, it would seem the young man is suffering from some serious personal issues. Mr. Cravens has not played this season, and at one point announced he was going to retire though the Washington Redskins convinced him otherwise and have kept him on the roster.

This traffic stop and the behavior which Su’a Cravens subjected LCSO officers to is representative of how a majority of NFL players truly feel toward law enforcement. This sense of entitlement where the law does not apply because you make a lot of money playing a game is pervasive, and the NFLPA and the commissioner Roger Goodell perpetuate it.

This incident is not going to do anything good to restore the NFL’s image as fans continue to walk away from the league in record numbers. How many more of these fake racial profiling claims need to take place before these self-entitled players figure out that no one cares about their faux outrage? It is more likely that Mr. Cravens acted in this manner simply to get his name in the news and increase his Twitter following. He is an open supporter of BlackLivesMatter and apparently has no respect for the law. Mix that with his enablers in the NFL, and it is a recipe for disaster.

Mr. Cravens would be wise to save his pennies rather than spending it on a lawsuit he will surely lose. Perhaps this young man would be better served to simply follow the law, but if he did so, then he would not have a false platform to claim he was abused by police officers.

H/T [Conservative Daily Post, The Washington Post]


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