NFL and Racist Athletes Give Cancer Victims and Military Members Nasty Surprise Right Before Christmas

Not content with the level of destruction they have caused to the National Football League brand, commissioner Rodger Goodell and the players of the NFL have reached a deal to spend $89 million dollars on various social justice causes. However, in order to pay for their social activism, the NFL has taken these funds from worthwhile causes like military charities and breast cancer awareness. Even more concerning is that some of this money will wind up in the hands of BlackLivesMatter.

This agreement to waste $89 million was worked out on Wednesday, and the funds will supposedly address issues which are important to the African-American community. Perhaps the NFL should start by doing something about hundreds of African-American teens murdering each other on the streets of Chicago. The $89 million will be spent over seven years and will specifically target reform efforts in law enforcement/community relations and education, and criminal justice reform. However, it might be advisable that NFL players and others in the African-American community simply stop killing each other and breaking the law. The law and the criminal justice system does not need to be reformed; people just need to stop breaking the law. The NFL would be better off spending this money on after school programs and mentorship programs to lead young people in the right direction.

“During a conference call Wednesday night, Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin, who lead roughly 40 players who have negotiated with the league office about demonstrations during the national anthem, guided the group through the highlights of the package, which represents the NFL’s largest contribution to a social issue, surpassing that of Salute to Service or Breast Cancer Awareness/Crucial Catch.”

However, not every NFL player initially involved in these negotiations were happy with the way things were going, and stepped away from the process. Once news of this broke out, commissioner Rodger Goodell was furious. As reported by 100 Percent Fed Up, “The partnership came a day after some players broke away from the Players Coalition because of their dissatisfaction with how Jenkins and Boldin have handled negotiations. Commissioner Roger Goodell, believing that an agreement was at hand, was furious when ESPN reported that players were breaking off according to one source. But during an afternoon call, Jenkins asked that the commissioner and the owners continue to stand with the players and allow them to do important work in the community.”

This move by the NFL and players is not going to do anything to restore brand loyalty with fans. What this agreement lacks is explicit language which calls for players to cease taking  a knee during the national anthem. Commissioner Rodger Goodell is simply hoping that the players will be happy and stop protesting.

Last week it was reported that the NFL and their advertisers stand to lose $500 million dollars in revenue in addition to Thanksgiving Day ratings taking a dip of nearly 20% compared to last year. Add into the mix that Papa Johns has pulled their official sponsorship for the NFL, and you now have a scenario where the NFL can and likely will fail.

What’s mind boggling about this deal is that these players have no issue taking money away from cancer patients and military veterans, and the money is coming from the NFL, and not the players. This is not surprising since these protesting crybabies are full of hot air.

This contribution to ‘social justice’ is a sad attempt by the NFL to restore their league and their brand, but they have failed miserably. Players are still allowed to do what they want which is to disrespect the national anthem and veterans and yet somehow expect fans to come back to the game.

I’ve spoken with numerous military veterans and active duty service members who all say they have no intention of ever supporting the NFL ever again. And how could they? How does commissioner Rodger Goodell expect a military veteran or active duty service member to support the NFL when the NFL will not support them and at the very least stand for the national anthem? The NFL and their players will learn like the executives of AIG did, that they are not too big to fail.

H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]


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