Numbers Are In: What The U.S. Military Thinks Of Trump

Numbers are constantly rolling in concerning the support or non-support of President Trump, and as usual, there are many conflicting stories. Some more liberal sites claim that his support among our military is dropping since the ambush in Niger that killed four of our service members, while some of the more conservative sites are stating that his approval ratings among the military community, including U.S. Veterans is actually on the rise.

The actual ratings are more than likely somewhere in the middle. Conservative Fighters reports that the President is holding a more unfavorable rating among the general public, but that he is seeing a huge support rise from members of the Military.

A poll that was conducted of 1,100 servicemen and women in September shows the military community holds their Commander in Chief in pretty high regard. Conducted by the Military Times in September, the poll reveals that 44 percent of all 1,100 active-duty members have a favorable view of Trump and only 40 percent have an unfavorable view. This sits opposite to the figures presently held by the civilian population where Trump’s popularity floats around 40 percent and his rating of unfavorability reaches as high as 56 percent.

Trump’s popularity jumps even higher when taken to military-specific issues. Out of all troops, 55 percent rate Trump’s military policies as favorable, while only 26 disagree with that assessment.

The same split roughly covers the same for enlisted members if separated by gender, rank, race, and branch.

The favorability of military males favoring Trump is 47 percent compared to just 32 percent for women. Non-white service members have an unfavorable rating of 51 percent, while only 37 percent of white service members do. The Marine Corps features a favorable rating of 59 percent, compared to 49 percent in the Navy.

His pick for a Secretary of Defense, retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, has definitely drawn more widespread support. Military members of Trump’s Administration were viewed very favorably with Gen. James Mattis being the most liked. Secretary of Defense James Mattis received a much higher rating than Trump, with more than 84 percent of troops saying they held a favorable view of him. Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, who serves as the White House chief of staff, received a favorable rating of almost 59 percent. Only seven percent had an unfavorable view of Kelly, as Kelly is not nearly as well-known as either Trump or Mattis.

Forbes however, states the numbers a bit differently since the Niger ambush, stating that Trump’s numbers among the military community are actually falling.

Forbes report: Donald Trump’s approval rating slumped to a new low of 38 percent in a Fox News poll released on Wednesday. Despite getting low marks from the public, the President enjoys stronger levels of support among members of the U.S. military, particularly enlisted troops. A Military Times survey has found that 44 percent of all American troops have a favorable opinion of Trump while 40 percent find him unfavorable. The research was conducted before the recent controversy about Trump’s phone calls to the widow of a fallen service member.

What Forbes forgets to mention about the new poll given out by Fox News is that it was based on assumptions about how the President dealt with the storms that recently ravished our country as well as his Tweeting and not related to the Niger attack or the Military at all.

Fox states that some of the drop comes from white men without a college degree, as 56 percent approve of the President, down from 68 percent last month.  Working-class white men were a key voting bloc for him in the election (71 percent backed Trump according to the Fox News Exit Poll).

Read the full poll reports here.

Statista reports that an overall, 44 percent of troops said that they have a favorable view of the current president – safely above the 38 percent recorded in the most recent Fox News poll. When broken down by service, Trump enjoys the most support among the Marines, with a majority of 59 percent having a favorable view. On the other side of the scale, both Navy and Air Force personnel have an overall negative opinion, with 40 and 38 percent in favor, respectively.

Basically the President’s numbers are averaging on the very same wavelength that they always have with a shift up and down during issues that the country faces on a rushed basis. It appears that whether among military or civilians his numbers really don’t change much and in another month very well may reset the same as the September poll numbers.


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