Obama Just Busted In Deadly Plot With 2nd Deadliest Terrorist In The World!

Israel, our legendary friend in the otherwise thirsty-for-American-blood, Middle East, had a plan a while back, to take-out (assassinate) the Commander of the Quds Forces; Qassem Soleimani, overseer of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  Unfortunately for Israel, the highlights of the plan appear to have made their way across the Atlantic and back, because an on-the-down-low tip was relayed from our house (the big white one) to our new brother-in-nuclear-arms (Iran), and the plot was foiled. So much for the big “O” and his seemingly ceaseless droning on about America needing to stop inserting itself in foreign affairs of other countries. That does not apply when it comes to an enemy, who happens to be the “friend” of the then-leader of our land.

That’s right. Everybody cheer and give it up for the past President and his Administration’s Foreign Policy team, because they betrayed Israel yet again…every liberals dream come true.  So glad that man is no longer in office, but like dog poop ground into the bottom of your sneakers, we just can’t shake the stink.

That little fun fact about our betrayer-in-chief isn’t all, either (the truth is, there are eight years, and a goldmine of such atrocities yet to be unearthed, for sure).  Turns out, that running guns to the black-cloaked bad guys, ISIS, was actively pursued too. Then there is the Hezbollah drug-running, the growth of the billion-dollar terrorist-funding Afghanistan Taliban heroin and opium empire, money-laundering, and who knows what else.  We can only imagine.  This is the same president who vowed to shut down GITMO, and while he didn’t correctly close it, he made sure he either traded terrorists for American traitors, or simply just cut them loose, and flew them back to the sandy desert from whence they spawned.  He had our pilots fly a plane loaded with millions in cash to a tarmac in a ransom payment for our captured sailors and then inked a deal ensuring the Ayatollah has nuclear warheads at the ready, and the fawning Obamaites cheered.  Meanwhile, the rest of us pondered “isn’t this treason?”

The answer is yes. As Prissy Holly explains:

“Aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States is the textbook definition of treason, which is exactly what Obama did for the past 8 years. But in addition to emptying out GITMO and putting Iran on a path to nuclear arms, we’re now learning that Obama worked along side the Taliban in Afghanistan to ensure that the terror group would become the world’s top leader in heroin, where their enterprise is now generating billions of dollars for the terror group to carry out their operations against the West.”

Thankfully Trump’s message to that armpit hole country of the world is that the days of licking the boot heels of Iran, Afghanistan, and the other terrorist nations, organizations, and religious sects are over.

According to Breitbart, in late November Trump deployed U.S. troops to work with our Afghan allies (yes, they do exist, and God bless them), to go after the Taliban in the opium-rich Helmand Province, thus ridding the region of 25 drug labs and destroying roughly $80 million in street value.

Even the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Project Cassandra was hampered by the Obama Administration and their burning desire to get Iran nukes. Politico reported that the DEA was hindered by the Justice and Treasure department dragging their feet to provide necessary assets for investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and financial sanctions.

Nothing that President Obama did was for the benefit of the American people. Instead, it was for the benefit of our enemies, foreign and domestic, and that my friends, is a textbook definition of treason.

It will take years, possibly decades to undo all the damage wrought by Obama, but thankfully Trump is diving in and tackling it bit by bit.

H/T [Your Daily Briefing, Freedom Daily]

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