Pervert Harvey Weinstein HORRIBLY Attacked And The Assault Was All Caught On Video!

Harvey Weinstein has been a gloating, egotistical man since being released from his very short stay at rehab for his sexual deviance, and recently a very courageous young man found the perfect opportunity to show the down and out Hollywood elitist just what most of us really think of him. Weinstein has been accused of sexually accosting numerous young women while using his power and position to use young actresses who are simply looking for a break into Hollywood, and he has yet to seem very sorry for his years of horrid acts.

However, while in Arizona he came face to face with someone who doesn’t seem too afraid of his standing and let Weinstein know it with two very well placed and epic blows to the face. The video found it’s way to TMZ and has blown up the internet ever since.

Harvey appears to be on his way out of a restaurant called Elements. It’s located in the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. At first, it looks as if Harvey was punched in the face twice with a solid fist, but then it becomes more evident through the video that the man responsible is actually using an open-hand attack. In other words, the man slapped Harvey in a very telling manner. He should have been slapped like that a long time ago by any number of the women that he accosted. I wonder how he feels getting slapped like a chick?


According to The Daily Mail :

“TMZ reported that a man, who they identify as Steve, walked up to the disgraced movie mogul as he was leaving Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, and punched him twice.

His assailant can be seen laughing while he hits Weinstein, who wore a black beanie hat and soiled grey shirt for his night out at the restaurant.
The underwhelming scene plays out with Steve hastily getting out of his chair as Weinstein passes him by and then lightly hitting him with the back of his hand twice in the face.
His friends can be seen grinning too at the start of the video, masking it appear as though the group had planned the charade.

One of those friends sits at the table while the other holds the phone to record the scene
The video shows Weinstein’s sober coach quickly usher his client past him and then hold up his hands to prevent the men from filming any more of the scene.
He also tries to grab the camera out of the man’s hand at one point.”

Harvey Weinstein’s actions that led to all of these sexually charged accusations are horrible, yet many wonder why more of the women are not being seen as just as guilty for continuing to allow it just to further their careers. Either way we now have what appears to be a street-level vigilantism.

Harvey Weinstein shouldn’t have even been leaving a bar under normal circumstances of a rehab program which would also include him staying away from drugs and booze along with anything sexual that might peek his lewd attention. For his trouble, he was slapped twice to the face before his “sober coach” can step in.

Ironically, reports indicate that most of Weinstein’s accusers didn’t get invites to the Golden Globe and it leaves one wondering if this video was set up by an angry lady out for revenge. The Golden Globes may not have remembered the victims, but this guy sure did.

There is a bit more to the situation upon deeper reflection, and it appears that the man who slapped Harvey is now being said to have been someone who wanted a photo taken with him, and when he was denied he got angry. That was reported by Weinstein’s manager, so there is no telling how true it is.

However, I see a hero slapping the stupid out of a man who surely deserved it regardless of what the victims did or did not allow. No one has a right to use their power and position to gain sexual favors. However, some who play victim are having a pretty hard time fighting back against the mogul since accusing him of sexual misconduct, and it is putting a hurting on their personal lives.

Daily Mail continued:

“The incident occurred just hours after Rose McGowan said she is preparing to unload her $2million home in the Hollywood Hills to pay for the legal help she has been receiving ever since she began publicly speaking out against Weinstein.”

People need to remember that nothing escapes the clutches of the internet these days, and everyone is armed with a camera. It truly doesn’t take much for something like this to take place and then go viral. Much respect to the young man who slapped him no matter what the reasoning was.

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H/T [ The Daily Mail ]


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