Player Brings Something Onto Football Field That Has Some People Losing Their Minds

The sport of football has become cloudy and ugly on a professional scale, and it has left many American fans absolutely distraught. Boycotts of the NFL are in full swing, and millions of dollars of merchandise has been set on fire to demonstrate the fans’ outrage over the political protests that are being allowed to be pushed on the field. However, some players in the high school division of the game are giving hope back to the country.

A young man who plays for his high school team, the Red Raiders, recently went viral with a simple photo that someone caught at the start of a game and posted to social media. The Red Raiders lineman, Daniel Hayner, made headlines when he noticed that the school they were playing at didn’t have a flag flying for the Anthem, so he went and got his own and proudly flew it center field.

There was no intended seeking of attention from this young man; he simply felt it was dishonorable not to have a flag up during the Anthem. His deep-rooted patriotism is a refreshing shift from the many who want to do all they can to disrespect all things American. The school acknowledged their mistake and apologized although the forgotten flag wasn’t done on purpose by any means. A simple accident has turned into hope being restored by one of our youth.

According to Conservative Fighters :


When the football players from High School Red Raiders are traveling to games, they are always carrying the American flag. They didn’t realize how useful this habit was until they went to the Catholic Central High School for a game and saw there isn’t an American flag for the anthem.

The linemen for the Red Raiders, Daniel Hayner, was very surprised there isn’t American flag and believed this is so dishonoring.

He decided this is the right moment to place the American flag they carried with them.
“All the stuff that’s happening now with the flag and stuff…I didn’t know if it was like that or where it was.” Hayner said. “I went over and stood at the end of our line (with the flag) and they were like, ‘No, stand in the middle of the field.’ so I went out in the middle of the field and stood there.”

The Catholic Central High School was preparing for the press box and forgot to put up the American flag on the stadium. The principal explained the situation as follows:

“The school did not have a flag prepared in a timely manner. As a principal, I take full responsibility for that and we apologize if anyone was offended.”

Robert Young, the Red Raiders athletic director made a statement about Hayner: “It was just a spontaneous action from a boy from a small town that just had basically a notion that when you come from a community like this and the things that we try to instill upon them that there’s family, there’s community and our nation, and our country, and that really means a lot to him.”

“People die to protect their country and their flag,” Hayner stated. “People oftentimes are disrespecting it. It needs to be respected because of the people who served this country and their job must be appreciated.”

After all events related to dishonoring the National Anthem and flag, Hayner is now seen as hope for the next generation.

Our flag is something to be cherished and respected, and it is awesome to see this young man take it upon himself to right a dishonoring wrong in a way that was clearly a heartfelt move. Too many these days forget what actual patriotism is, and it is a sad thing to see so many fall away from what used to make America such an amazing place. Our country used to be one giant community, but now it is a fractured ghost of that. Maybe our youth can bring it back to where it was before.

They always say “from the mouths of babes,” and it seems like a fitting analogy in this case as well. Our children may know much more than we give them credit for.


H/T [ Conservative Fighters , World News Politics , ABC News 10 ]


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