President Trump Awarded Major Honor From China That No Other Leader Has Been Given Before

President Trump continues to be a dominant force on the world stage, and the Chinese have recognized this in a significant way. On Wednesday, while President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were visiting China, the First Couple were given an honor not bestowed on a foreign leader in 68 years.

The President and First Lady had dinner in the Forbidden City with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. Since 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was founded, no foreign leader has been inside the Forbidden City.

Shi Yinhong, an expert on international relations at People’s University in Beijing said, “China is receiving Trump almost the way the King of Saudi Arabia did. China is giving Trump lots of face, vanities, and protocol.”

Tweeting about his experience in the Forbidden City, President Trump said, “On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and I, THANK YOU for an unforgettable afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing, President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan. We are looking forward to rejoining you tomorrow morning.”

During his 2016 Presidential Campaign, then-candidate Trump repeatedly mentioned the unfair trade deals which the United States was engaged in with China and vowed to make things better for American workers. President Trump’s rhetoric on China has in the past created tension between the two nations, but President Trump and President Jinping have a good working relationship. Both men understand that their countries are stronger working together in a more amicable arrangement.

China is also a key partner in the fight against North Korea ensuring the rogue nation does not further proliferate and test nuclear weapons. China has not always had a solid stance against North Korea, but it seems that President Trump is winning-over the Chinese, or at the very least, the Chinese understand they are dealing with a much stronger leader than who was previously in the White House.

So why is President Trump’s visit to the Forbidden City so significant, aside from the 68- year gap of a foreign leader being given the privilege? Well, the Forbidden City is a group of ancient palaces which were the homes of the imperial royal family for over 400 years. Not even President Obama during his eight-year tenure was bestowed with this honor. In addition to being given a tour of the Forbidden City, President Trump and the First Lady enjoyed a Peking Opera performance along with dinner.

A historian based in Beijing, Jeremiah Jenne, touched on a very important point relating to the kind of leader President Trump is. “The Chinese Government knows who they’re dealing with. It’s another in a long line of fairly shrewd moves by the Chinese Government and something Trump is going to be very impressed with.” Contrast this with President Obama’s visit to China, where he was forced to exit the rear end of Air Force One. A symbolic gesture meant to display the disdain the Chinese Government had at the time for President Obama. By all accounts, President Trump’s visit to China was a success, but the mainstream media is still intent on creating fake Trump bashing stories.

The Chinese are still very much interested in creating beneficial deals with the United States, and they realize that in order to do so, they need to impress President Trump and win him over, in addition to showing they are willing to renegotiate present trade deals as well as current deals on the table. The Chinese pulling out all the stops for President Trump and the First Lady are an effort to show that they recognize President Trump’s influence on a global scale and his commitment to the American worker.

As President Trump continues his trip across Asia, many impartial sources see the trip as a glowing success while the liberal mainstream media is grasping at straws coming up with fake news stories like the one about President Trump overfeeding the fish in Japan. Thankfully, a majority of Americans see this kind of fake news for what it is and understand who President Trump is. He is a strong leader intent on making great deals for Americans, and the Chinese President Xi Jinping understands this.

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